What is patent ductus venosus?

Foetal circulation  December 4, 2010 – 09:33 pm

Before birth the foetus is not capable of respiratory function and relies on maternal circulation to carry nutrients, waste exchange and gas exchange. The blood of the foetus and mother never mix, but interface in the placenta. There are a series of shunts in the foetal circulation to by-pass the liver and lungs.  At birth there placenta is replaced by the lungs for respiratory exchange. When the newly born animal takes its firth breath, the lungs & pulmonary vessels expands- lowing the resistance to blood flow. This lowers pulmonary pressure in the right side of the heart, and increased pressure on the left side of the heart- this triggers the closures of the foetal shunts.

Foremen Ovale- is an opening between the two atria  (RA-LA) which enables blood to channel directly into the systemic circulation, bypassing the lungs (pulmonary circulation). The covering provided by the remnant of the septum primus forms the valve of the foramen ovale. The septum secundum directs the majorty of the blood entering the right atrium through the foramen ovale into the left atrium. Here it mixes with a small volume of blood returning from the non- functional lungs.

Source: Annette's Vet Student Info

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Sewing your own clothes...?

Check out the blog called "New Dress a Day" (Just google it and it's the first one that pops up). It's amazing. It's a woman who lost her job and instead of getting mopey and complaining about it, she challenged herself to make a new outfit each day for under a dollar. She goes around to goodwills and garage sales and makes these incredibly outfits.
So, I got inspired and went out and boug...'t afford it, so I'll make my own stuff. Instead of sitting around complaining, I'm going to be proactive.
What I'm posting about is, does anyone know of any good sites that give hints on beginner's sewing and cute projects? And, to anyone who looks at her blog, are you amazed that she can take stuff that ugly and huge and turn it into things that people would spend hundreds of dollars on?

Todays activities

Thanks! I'm glad you like the idea. Craigslist won't let me post pics or links yet (too new an account?) but if you want to see pictures, I do have some listed on etsy. My store name is under the same as here, clevercrafter.
I spent the early afternoon hours searching through a coulple of Goodwills and Dollar Stores. No luck at Goodwill this week, but I did find some great stickers at the...great size to use on magnet sheets. I have them cut out and now all I have to do is coat them with polyurethane. Too cold outside today though!
Still working on the button brainstorming... I need to wait until my fiance buys a drill, then find some cheap plastic plates that I can use with the buttons to make clocks. Other than that, no more ideas yet...
What are you working on today?

Upscale houston neighborhoods?

I am planning a trip to houston in a couple of days and would very much like to hit the goodwills and charity thrift shops in the city. I find that going to the old-money upscale neighborhoods of a city is usually my best bet; however, I don't know houston at all. Does anyone have any advice on what neighborhoods I should go to? Many thanks and happy New Year!

Sensible shoes

Make sure what you *do* wear is clean, bright, pressed, and SENSIBLE. anyone who works at a preschool and community center is going to be doing a lot of running around.
and i know this might seem silly, but check out any nearby Goodwills and/or thrift shops. you never know what you might find, and sometimes a nice jacket just needs a button sewed back on and a good ironing to look top dollar. Good luck!!

Having been recently in that exact situation...

I'm not sure what they are like where you are but where I am, Goodwill has an excellent suit collection for SUPER cheap - like $8 for a jacket max. You might have to spend some serious time digging through it all to find your exact size, but it's worth it. I've seen everything from Theory pants to Wet Seal, but Banana Republic is most common (where I am). Plus, you're recycling clothes which is great for the environment!
Hopefully the Goodwills in your area have just as great a selection.

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Fetal Circulation Right Before Birth
Fetal Circulation Right Before Birth

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