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SaaS Valuation Update January 2010  September 10, 2016 – 04:22 pm
Today at the 5th Annual MIT

This is another installment of our periodic analysis of public SaaS company valuation trends.  The data is sourced from the excellent data collection and analysis provider by the Software Equity Group – check out their complete set of free research reports here.

Some interesting takeaways from the data:

  • Out of 24 software categories, pure play SaaS companies are the third most valuable from an Enterprise Value/Revenue multiple, second most valuable from an EV/EBITDA multiple perspective.
  • The pure play SaaS category had the strongest year over year revenue growth of any software category
  • SaaS companies have posted a median 73% year over year stock market return.  Almost half of the companies have posted >100% return and three firms have posted >20% return
  • There is significant variation in valuation metrics amongst the pure play SaaS companies – ranging from a high a 7.2X EV/TTM Revenue multiple to a low of 0.2x EV/Revenue
  • SaaS firms are generally EBITDA profitable, with an average EBITDA % of 8.2%.  About a quarter of the companies have negative EBITDA margins. 
  • Gross profit margins are lower than traditional license software firms, with a median gross margin of 68%
  • Surprisingly, high ttm revenue growth rates do not correlate to high valuations or high year over year stock market returns.

Source: DevelopmentCorporate

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Investors fear more accounting woes

With investors fearful of the accounting minefields that may be lurking, the Nasdaq has been unable to stop the hemorrhaging and the Dow industrials to break out of a frustrating trading range.
Wild gyrations characterized trading activity this week, fraying investors' nerves day in and day out.
'If you love volatility, this has been a great week. Rallies and declines seem to come o...ks ended on firm footing after wavering earlier in the day.
The 10-year Treasury note was up 6/32 to yield ($TNX: news, chart, profile) 4.83 percent while the 30-year government bond tacked on 13/32 to yield ($TYX: news, chart, profile) 5.34 percent. See Bond Report.
In the currency space, the dollar declined 0.2 percent to 134.02 yen while the euro added 0.6 percent to 87.53 cents.

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if you buy at today's valuation and the market dries up, then if you ever...ntrary to what you've been told, buying a house with leverage (i.e. borrowing) can be a big gamble at certain times.
consider, maybe, buying a duplex or quad and renting out the other units to service the mortgage. then if you ever absolutely have to relocate, you wouldn't be in such a hurry to sell. your tenants would be making at least most of your mortgage payment. imho, just a thought.

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The way I think about it is we are selling patent assets and those would be subject to any existing encumbrances and those encumbrances are associated with license agreements revenue from which we would retain. Charlie Anderson - Dougherty …

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