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Explainer Videos – The Hard Sell?  November 14, 2009 – 04:21 pm
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Sell, sell, sell…
That is the world we live in. If you are the one trying to sell something, then you want people to take notice of your product or service in our busy world. On the other hand, if you are a customer, sometimes the selling techniques of businesses can be a little overwhelming. There are so many companies out there trying to sell their own product and sometimes it can result in the customer feeling like all a company wants is their money, and they switch off.

Our explainer videos have a range of purposes – we can help you to sell your prduct in an innovative, successful way. They allow you to describe what your business is about and the benefits of your product, and we aren’t about the hard sell. We want your target audience to trust your business and understand just what they will get from the products you offer, rather than feel pressured or stressed into using your business.

Explainer videos are great tools and we believe their use goes much further than just selling a product or service. We want to help you help your target market understand your product in a simple, effective way. Rather than going for the hard sell and shoving your product down the throat of your audience, an explainer video from The Cuillin Collective can offer the explanation of a process or concept.

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Workman Publishing Company Children Learn What They Live
Book (Workman Publishing Company)

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A job, a resume, rejection letters

I posted a job earlier today. I will not say where or what type of position, since that is not the point of my post. Someone responded to it and sent me a resume. The resume was pasted into my e-mail and the cover "letter" consisted of 5 words in a very large font. In addition, what the person is seeking (based on the 5 word cover letter) is not even close to what the posted position is about. I know, I am way off on a tangent now, but just wanted to share some thoughts with you.

Really good question

I was just fired from my job. I have been there 6 years and run a department. My boss and I have had a bumpy relationship as far as employer/employee goes. It doesn't matter that I have had stellar reviews for 6 years running and do my job "excellently" (his words). He fired me "For No Just Cause" - his words. I brought in our HR person as a witness and again, I have been fired for "No Just Caus... relive this again with a future employer. I have always had excellent relationships with co-workers and employers my entire work history. It will be difficult to explain a sacking with no reason other than he doesn't like me on spec.
I think it is fine to say the company wasn't a match. It will be harder to explain after six years employment though. Any explanation will sound like spite.


There is a Japanese company coming to Vancouver on March 21st. to try recruit Canadians for its schools in Japan.
Here is some information from a forum thread here in Japan:
GABA Corporation is a chain of eikaiwa (English conversation schools) in Japan[1] The company was founded in 1995[2] and is headquartered in Meguro-ku in Tokyo with schools in the Tokyo, Jonan, and Josei areas. T..."Successful First Meeting" money). According to one internet page, receiving this bonus is (or was) nearly impossible:
"Upper management refused to speak to me. The message I get from their junior manager is, they 'paid all the money they owe me'. That is the only explanation I get even though I have proof they owe me a lot of money - bonus plus salary owed to me, and still do to this day.

Thanks, Bobby! OK...advice please

I start my new job this afternoon and meet my co-workers, form a game plan, etc. This is a new company and my boss said "You'll be stepping into virgin territory, so bring your tool box and your creative energetic attitude."
*It's the Safe-Ride service and they want me to market/sell the service and get sponsors, etc. It's 25% commission and the boss thinks there's 2 million dollars out th...ission...salary is a little less than teaching ($40,000ish).
then I was wondering if I could do both?
that would leave no time for hubby and kids.
I haven't even gotten an offer from tutoring.
ADVICE????? (please) I like your thoughts and opinions on things....thank you if you got this far after my hugely long explanation.
Thanks again,

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MENLO PARK, Calif., Jun 26, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- PatentBridge LLC, the preeminent Silicon Valley patent broker since 2003, is pleased to announce that it will be selling Patent 8055566, covering a unique solution to one of the greatest problems …

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The way I think about it is we are selling patent assets and those would be subject to any existing encumbrances and those encumbrances are associated with license agreements revenue from which we would retain. Charlie Anderson - Dougherty …

**REPRINT** Taussig, Charles William, 1896-1948. The book of radio; a complete, simple explanation of radio reception and transmission, including the outstanding features of radio service to the public by private and government agencies, by Charles William Taussi**REPRINT**
Book (New York, London, D. Appleton and company, 1922.)
An explanation and some reflections
An explanation and some reflections
ITIL - A Simple Explanation
ITIL - A Simple Explanation
Yamaha Virago Motorcycle Starter Bendix Explanation & Fix Pt 1
Yamaha Virago Motorcycle Starter Bendix Explanation & Fix Pt 1

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