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EA and their hate of sales  August 18, 2012 – 04:34 pm
The new intellectual property

I don’t know if you heard about this, but sometime last month David DeMartini – the head honcho at EA’s digital delivery platform known as Origin (you know their incredibly shitty spyware ridden attempt to replace Steam) said they will never do Valve style sales events. I didn’t get to comment on this back then, so I wanted to discuss it a bit now. I apologize if this is old noodles for you now. Bear with me – I will try to make funnies along the way.

Here is the direct quote from Mr DeMarcepaniPants:

Obviously they [Valve] think it’s the right thing to do after a certain amount of time. I just think it cheapens your intellectual property.

Right, that pretty much goes directly against everything we know about sales and marketing. It flies directly in the face of what everyone else is doing but let’s see what this guy has to say. Maybe he has a point. Maybe every fucking sales executive in the world has it wrong, and DeMancyPanda has it right.

I know both sides of it, I understand it. If you want to sell a whole bunch of units, that is certainly a way to do that, to sell a whole bunch of stuff at a low price.

Right. So the bottom line is that DeMoodPruneJob does not want to sell a bunch of units. Deep discounts are a way to move large volume of merchandise, and I guess Origin does not want to do that. Wait… No. This makes no sense at all. If you don’t want to sell a lot of video games, then what exactly do you want to do?

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