Selling non-physical assets

Blog Post: Cut Down Multitasking With Assets Management Software  September 12, 2016 – 04:23 pm
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In business, many roles are involved like manufacturing, distribution, physical sales; call centre will need physical and non-physical assets to run the business successfully. The practice of picking up the right equipment for a particular job, maintaining it for as long as possible and replacing it in a well-organised way, without many issues to handle is a key task for management.

But now you don’t have to worry about your assets from now on... Asset management software is a great help by maintaining a record of all the assets you want to monitor or you own. It holds details of their service schedules, maintenance records, depreciated value and schedule for replacement is also maintained. The software can be set to trigger warnings for any of these events, so you maintain regular cycles of repair and renewal without any manual maintenance.

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Labor law question

Labor law question
I am in a technology startup in california and have been working there for over 7 years - last 4 years without pay. I am owed salary for those 4 years. He has promised me 15% of the company but has never put it on paper. Now the owner is very close to getting a venture funding and is threatening to recapitalize or bankrupt the company if I dont go with him under his term...P) belonging to this company? How can you prove what IP belongs to the company - especially patents and software.
o What do I need to prove that his intentions were criminal and he never wanted to pay me anyways?
o If his intentions were criminal can I go after him to get my past salary?
o Are there any laws that help me to go after him to recover my salary even after the fact?

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He presented a scale of sales activities, which ranged from delivery on one end to selling intangibles on the other. Unlike salespeople within established companies, entrepreneurs must make their first priority is the challenging task of selling …

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