Provisional patent valuation

Determining Patent Value: How much is my Patent Worth?  July 13, 2011 – 06:10 pm
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You may be wondering, “How much is my patent worth? ’ and “What is the value of my patent? ”  Patents generate 2 kinds of value for the owners. They can protect sales, or they can justify litigation for infringement. Acquisition of a patent for the later purpose is referred to as “sharking” and will not be discussed here since this blog is for inventors.

In the case where you have an idea which is patent applied for, you have an invention concept and perhaps the jump on a market trend for something. In this case, the patent application  itself will have limited, but growing value in absolute terms. As you go from provisional to utility patent, for example, the sale price to assign the application can be expected to go up. However, the right lens to use for patent valuation is sales or potential sales of product.

This is often a difficult decision point for an inventor. How much should I be asking for in exchange for a license? Here the problem lies in the fact that the inventor  usually wants an up-front minimum royalty, or if the deal is percentage only, may have difficulty judging whether the proposed licensee was the right strategic bet. This decision is the object of exclusive vs. non-exclusive licensing. There is little risk in a non-exclusive license for an inventor to issue a licensee. You can convert the license to an exclusive license after the licensee has met performance criteria which you think are acceptable.

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