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Patent valuation for technology transfer – Part 2  June 20, 2011 – 08:11 am
Tags:acquisitioncostPatent Second part of the interview with Alan Engel, President at Paterra, Inc. and international advisor for technology transfer at the Japan Science & Technology Agency. The day after the first part of this interview appeared, Japan’s Tohoku-Pacific Coast suffered one of history’s largest and most devastating earthquakes and tsunamis.
ipe:    Alan, how did the recent earthquake and tsunami disasters shape your thoughts on patent valuation and technology transfer?
Alan:     In the aftermath of the disaster, I decided to focus attention on how patent valuation and technology transfer can contribute to this region’s recovery and future vitality. This focus will shape my remarks, but in a way that many in Europe and the U.S. may recognize. Tohoku residents’ stubborn pride and resilience in the face of declining, even extinct industries, coal mining, steelmaking, copper, whaling, and fishing, will remind Americans of their Appalachias and Europeans of their Sheffields.
Tohoku’s fishery and seafood industries have been in crisis for years. World fisheries are being depleted, and the workforce is ageing and shrinking. Then in a few

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A few thoughts

I'm not sure I understand exactly what you're contemplating, but you might find this useful or interesting:
1. People have understood the importance of IP (and patents, specifically) to a company's bottom line for a while. Perhaps the most stark example of this is an investment bank called OceanTomo. Among other IP-centric things, they have a few index funds based on patents. See for an ex... it, but it doesn't really do you any good.
But the guys putting together the portfolio were smart guys, to be sure. They were a bunch of zillionaire Wall Street types with a few fancy patent attorneys thrown in. Although I don't necessarily hold that crowd in high esteem, these guys were smart. So either they're bonkers or I am. And that's enough for me to say that valuation is tricky. :)

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