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human resources valuation Century Business Services, Inc. (Nasdaq: CBIZ) ("Century"), the nation's fastest emerging outsourced business services company, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of General Business Services, Inc. (GBS) and E. K. Williams & Co., franchisors of accounting, tax and business consulting services. Century also announced that it will combine the newly acquired Waco, Texas-based companies with its currently owned Comprehensive Business Services franchise network of Mission Viejo, California into a separate division, Century Small Business Solutions, Inc., which will focus specifically on the company's 54, 000 smaller business clients (5 to 25 employees). The new identity will immediately apply to corporate operations and will be phased in throughout the franchise network.General Business Services, and its wholly owned subsidiary General Tax Services, provides business management services including general corporate and tax counseling, accounting services, tax preparation, financial counseling and personnel services. E.K. Williams & Co. specializes in information systems, accounting services, tax preparation and financial management services specifically designed to meet the needs of small businesses.By combining GBS and E.K.

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Valuation of goods based solely upon the out-of-pocket expenses required to bring them to market is ridiculous. doesn't account for infrastructure, depletion of resources or the impact on environmental or human health of use and disposal of the goods. we attempt to incorporate some of these costs through taxation or regulatory measures which are inefficient and often inaccurate (subject to polit...s had to account for the cost of maintaining mountains of garbage, i am fairly certain there would be very little demand for such items.
i guess one way to avoid all the political bullshit would be to phrase my question as follows:
how much solar energy would be required to produce the organic material necessary to produce enough crude petroleum to refine into one gallon of gasoline?

10 Tips for Running a Successful Non-Profit Organization  — Huffington Post
Put specific performance benchmarks and goals into every job description and every human resources evaluation. Invest in training for your staff and key volunteers. Celebrate success. 8. Under promise and consistently over-deliver. There is nothing …

Employee Benefits: Valuation, Analysis and Strategies (Employee Benefits Human Resources Library)
Book (Wiley Law Pubns)

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