How to buy organizational learning?

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Today, knowledge management has become an agenda issue in various academic and professional journals.  It has become recognized as a significant source of competitive advantage by many authors.  Although the study of knowledge is as old as human history, it has only been recognized in the last two decades as a crucial factor of organizational success. Knowledge management (KM) has gained much attention from both academics and practitioners; however, KM as a discipline is still in its infancy, especially in the public sector.

Unfortunately, the public sector organizations that use KM practices without thorough knowledge and awareness of them will not reap their true and full benefits. Therefore, it is vital for an organization to understand the concept of KM and to align its KM strategy with the organization’s strategy when starting a KM initiative, in order for it to succeed. Knowledge is continuously generated throughout an organization. To be successful and remain competitive, organizations must ensure that knowledge is managed in the most effective manner.

Source: Dr. Raja Suzana

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David M. Kopp, Ph.D., Chair of Barry Universitys Organizational Learning and Leadership Program
David M. Kopp, Ph.D., Chair of Barry Universitys Organizational Learning and Leadership Program
Reflection, Dialog, & Supportive Environment Key to Adult and Organizational Learning
Reflection, Dialog, & Supportive Environment Key to Adult and Organizational Learning
MIS 06H: How do Organizations Learn?
MIS 06H: How do Organizations Learn?

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I live in the WDC suburbs.
If you want a really rough ballpark, get three estimates. The prices vary wildly, and if you only want one room painted, good luck finding a painting company to do it. You might find a company to do your whole condo. Maybe a handyman?
Start with the local hardware store. A good painting salesperson can give you a cost for paint and give you some idea of wh...t for any reason, most painters will balk but will do it. Some won't use anything but Duron (they make money off selling the paint, I think). You will want to show the painters a copy of Consumer's Reports so they can see why the paint your want will cover/work well/ etc. I told them to just estimate the cost for the hours, and I would provide the paint myself after they tell me how much to buy.

Buy the best you can afford

Here's my 2 c. worth: Buy the best you can afford. The independent sewing machine stores have excellent varieties, and knowledgeable sales people. They will even let you sit down and sew on any machine you are interested in. That way, you will be able to tell which one has features you like and you also see how smoothly it runs. Don't get it just because of the price. Any of the name brands are .../needle down. It made pivoting very difficult. I have five sewing machines and all have different characteristics, but my Janome 10000 is the Rolls Royce of all of them! And, I bought it at the Quilt Festival three years ago. It was a demo model in one of the booths and I saved over $1000. Have never had a problem with it. None. email me if you have more ????? purse_goddess at hot mail dot co m.

Johnny Depp For Vanity Fair


Johnny Depp is on the cover of July's Vanity Fair, and inside he opens up about his new movie, Public Enemies, his family, and his private Caribbean island called Little Hall's Pond Cay. He took one of the magazine's writers along for a trip to the area, sharing details about the joy he finds just being there....d their kids growing up here, and so on . . . Theoretically, this place can add years to your life . . . Money doesn't buy you happiness. But it buys you a big enough yacht to sail right up to it."
On Tom Cruise's performance in Tropic Thunder:
"That's the best I've ever seen Cruise." When asked if Cruise’s portrayal reminds Depp of any Hollywood executives, he says, "All of them."

IAA has

Alot of interesting things to say ...
he noted in a recent post that he knew someone named Yi who picked fights with people then bought them dinner ...
I've thought about this while running every morning this long weekend ... it's a great story ...
From just these few words, I'm seeing a guy who wants to make friends, but doesn't know how ... he doesn't know how to say hi, he d...ns to the discussiond. He and Sheisty and I were chatting about Rimbaud and he mentioned something I hadn't known about the poet, and I've been reading up on Rimbaud since then and learning all sorts of new stuff ....
If you don't like his criticism, ignore him and walk away. Or better yet, engage him, show him where he's wrong and you're right.
Who knows? Maybe he'll buy you dinner.


As gestr44 said it depends on the layout shape and also the extras involved.
If you want different size tiles, a pattern, an accent, borders, laying diagonally, etc. will usually reflect in a higher price.
Simple things like how accessible are the rooms, are there stairs, is there white carpet and a yippie lap dog in the hallway - these also can come into play.
Some installatio...n correctly.
Labor pricing will be all over the board from area to area. In Colorado I suppose it starts around $4-6sf (usually $6+) The resort areas are probably a least twice that. Usually a GC can get it the lowest because he is keeping his crew busy.
I don't think that the 9-12 range is out of question when it is all said and done but it really depends on the part of the country.

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