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The Problem with Performance Management: Summary Rating Scales  February 19, 2013 – 12:13 am

Whatever performance management form you use, kill your performance management rating scale.

Performance Qudrant

Performance management causes more grief than just about anything else human resources professional foist on employees and managers. Why?  One of the biggest reasons is the rating scales commonly used to summarize the overall performance evaluation. These have evolved over the years, from scales ranging from "poor" to "outstanding" to "OK" to "Superior" to "Meets Expectations to Exceeds Excpectations, " all with the intention of focusing on job performance, not the personal traits of the person doing the job.

These word changes are commendable but ineffective. In the end, everyone knows that there is a three- or four- or five-point scale and that at the end of the day, it's not really different from the grades you get in school:  you're either a C student, a B student, or an A student. 

Or does this mean that you a C person, B person or A person? That is one of the biggest drawbacks to appraisal systems -- it is nearly impossible to keep valid judgments about how well you are doing your job from the impression that the performance rater is judging your value as a person. This usually creates immense angst for both the reviewer and the reviewee. 

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