Evaluation of intellectual assets

Intellectual capital-oriented corporate recovery and restructuring  July 16, 2016 – 02:44 pm
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Chicago and Glasgow (PRWEB) June 28, 2012

Ocean Tomo, LLC and Métis Partners, Ltd. today announced that it will bring together in the new European market recovery and restructuring services. This integrated offering emphasizes Ocean Tomos complete set of services, intellectual property, with proven experience in the market, Metis Partners Europe. Offers provided by mutual agreement of services include Ocean Tomo PatentRatings? The system of money and consultation routes, including public auctions and Intellectual Property Exchange International.

Tags: New Ocean Tomo European business recovery and restructuring unique service begins with a basic understanding of what can be huge client base assets – their property – and then move the proven, proprietary solutions, suitable for operational cost reduction, competitive market position, increase short-term capital and to establish long-term growing income streams, said James E. Malackowski, CEO of Ocean Tomo.
Tags: cooperation with partners Métis series expands our ability to restructure and facilitates access to the European market is Ocean Tomo, “said Malackowski .
Tags: “We are excited about our relationship with Ocean Tomo, ” said Stephen Robertson, CEO of Métis partners. By combining

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Here's the real problem that the Palestinians are facing ---
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There is no secret here.
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Blogs as Portfolio
Blogs as Portfolio

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