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Consolidation At Last! Vodafone Acquires TnT Expense Management and Quickcomm  October 8, 2010 – 09:18 am
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This morning, Vodafone Global Enterprise made a strong push for market leadership when it announced it has acquired two, not one –  but two,  TEM vendors – TnT and Quickcomm.

Could this be the beginning of a wave of consolidation in the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) market?  I sure hope so.

Quickcomm has operated primarily as a TEM application vendor.  The company has cemented significant partnerships over the past few years (including Vodafone).  TnT Expense Management is a services focused company providing process outsourcing services to large multinational companies.  Each company brings good international experience to Vodafone.  Quickcomm was founded in Australia and maintains offices in Australia, New York and London.   TnT over the past 18 months has expanded its sales and service presence in Asia and Europe (finding notable success in France and Germany).  TnT received the highest customer satisfaction ratings in Gartner’s 2009 TEM Marketscope.

Although Vodafone already managed a growing and successful TEM service portfolio, which started with the launch of Vodafone Telecoms Management last year, the acquisitions allow Vodafone to provide its customers  and partners more varied and flexible TEM solutions; including software which appeals to how non-multinational companies acquire TEM  capabilities in European and Asian markets (while still embryonic, Latin American markets seem to favor a process outsourcing approach for TEM).

Source: Eric Goodness

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