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Valuations and earnings February 2013: Income investment outlook  February 12, 2013 – 10:57 am

Equity income investors continue to be supported by strong corporate earnings and attractive dividend yields. Although corporate earnings expectations for 2013 continue to fall, growth forecasts are getting close to realistic levels, and we could be close to an upturn in earnings momentum. Valuation support for equities is also strong enough to withstand any residual earnings downgrades.

Earnings momentum failed to pick up meaningfully in January, but there are some early signs of a turnaround ahead. The ratio of analyst earnings per share (EPS) upgrades to downgrades over the past three months rose in 15 of the 24 markets we watch, and fell in nine. Nevertheless, momentum remains negative in all but four markets (with India and Russia joining Hong Kong and Turkey as exceptions).

Earnings expectations continue to fall slowly for developed markets, although they are picking up in emerging markets. Expectations for US 2012 earnings are now increasingly irrelevant for markets as final numbers are being reported and estimates are moving only marginally. 2012 EPS growth is now expected to be 5.9% for the US, -3% for Europe, and 1.9% for emerging markets (EM). Of more interest are expectations for 2013 growth – these are still falling at a decent pace, but are now getting quite close to the mid-to-high single-digit numbers that our earnings models have been predicting for some time. Thus it seems the earnings downgrades cycle may be in its final stages and we could see an upturn in momentum and sentiment over the next few months. In the US, 2013 growth expectations are down to 7.7% from 9.3% last month, while in European they are at 8.1%, from 9.9%. In contrast, expectations for growth in EM have risen again, to stand at 13.5%, up from 13.0%.

Source: IncomeIntelligence

University of Michigan Library Publishers' accounts, including a consideration of copyright, and the valuation of literary property
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To the report you are refering to in you "sample letter"? as a matter of fact the more i check your site out and check out the acctuall facts the more i want to say hummmmmm.....very sloppy work
So here’s what some canadians have to say bout it
and it is always good to get a little back story (plus the site seems to be a bit over loaded
and the acctual link to th...y due to the vaugeness of the law both the creator of “Orphan Works” and anyone who may inadvertantly or knowingly refere to another work that is who may or may not have a known author—source what ever---everyone really has no way of knowing what is ok to do and what is not---this solution is FAR BETTER then how things are right now---where in fact anyone can use anything and repost it anywhere.

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China copyright centre moves to protect stage works  — AsiaOne
She said that her center is planning to provide copyright evaluation services in the second half of the year in "a key move to help good scripts get to capital markets and secure funding". Despite growing legal rights, writers and performers have yet …

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See Description for Link to Updated Video
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