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So far, the Nash Bargaining Solution is no stand-alone substitute for the 25% rule-of-thumb  February 5, 2013 – 01:10 pm
With rule of thumb pricing in

Uniloc put to rest the 25% rule-of-thumb. Assuming the problem is the “of-thumb” nature of the 25% rule, seeking more rigorous proof, plaintiffs in patent infringement cases have tried turning to the Nash Bargaining Solution as a mathematical construct for calculating damages. So, how’s that going for them?

Oracle tried to use it in the $6B damages request against Google, and Judge Alsup wanted no part of it: “No jury could follow this Greek or testimony trying to explain it. The Nash Bargaining Solution would invite a miscarriage of justice by clothing a fifty-percent assumption in an impenetrable façade of mathematics.”

In Mformation Techs., Inc. v. Research in Motion Ltd,  No. C 08-04990 JW (N.D. Cal.),  the court reasoned that since the expert had conducted an “extensive” Georgia-Pacific analysis, and that the Nash Bargaining Solution was used only as a “check” instead of as the primary methodology, the court denied the defendant’s motion to exclude the expert’s royalty rate calculation.

The court in Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH v. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Inc. approved a 50/50 split based on game theory, accepting the explanation plaintiff’s expert ‘‘did not arbitrarily apply a

Source: BVR's IP Management & Valuation Wire

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To the report you are refering to in you "sample letter"? as a matter of fact the more i check your site out and check out the acctuall facts the more i want to say hummmmmm.....very sloppy work
So here’s what some canadians have to say bout it
and it is always good to get a little back story (plus the site seems to be a bit over loaded
and the acctual link to th...y due to the vaugeness of the law both the creator of “Orphan Works” and anyone who may inadvertantly or knowingly refere to another work that is who may or may not have a known author—source what ever---everyone really has no way of knowing what is ok to do and what is not---this solution is FAR BETTER then how things are right now---where in fact anyone can use anything and repost it anywhere.

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China copyright centre moves to protect stage works  — AsiaOne
She said that her center is planning to provide copyright evaluation services in the second half of the year in "a key move to help good scripts get to capital markets and secure funding". Despite growing legal rights, writers and performers have yet …

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