Copyright valuation

 September 18, 2016 – 04:33 pm

Copyright valuation generally depends on the value of future revenue attached to the copyright. This future copyright value is then discounted using the discounted cash flow methodology (DCF) to arrive at the present value of those cash flows. Each type of copyright has key sensitivities to consider such as the duration of the copyright and the expected lifetime of its creator. Another key consideration during copyright valuation is what drives the value of the copyright. For instance, a living musician generally supports their back catalogue of recordings through personal appearances and new releases, buoying their copyright valuation. After their death or after the musician stops recording their copyright value may diminish more rapidly than expected as the support is no longer there.

Copyright Valuation The illegal downloading of content affects all of us who currently enjoy the benefits of a vibrant and successful publishing industry. Seven million people download unauthorised content in Britain, and research shows that these people will purchase nearly a third less as a result. Creators need financial returns to survive, and publishers and authors depend on being able to protect their content so that writing, illustrating and publishing can remain commercially and creatively viable.

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Forgotten Books Publisher's Accounts, Including a Consideration of Copyright and the Valuation of Literary Property (Classic Reprint)
Book (Forgotten Books)

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To the report you are refering to in you "sample letter"? as a matter of fact the more i check your site out and check out the acctuall facts the more i want to say hummmmmm.....very sloppy work
So here’s what some canadians have to say bout it
and it is always good to get a little back story (plus the site seems to be a bit over loaded
and the acctual link to th...y due to the vaugeness of the law both the creator of “Orphan Works” and anyone who may inadvertantly or knowingly refere to another work that is who may or may not have a known author—source what ever---everyone really has no way of knowing what is ok to do and what is not---this solution is FAR BETTER then how things are right now---where in fact anyone can use anything and repost it anywhere.

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China copyright centre moves to protect stage works  — AsiaOne
She said that her center is planning to provide copyright evaluation services in the second half of the year in "a key move to help good scripts get to capital markets and secure funding". Despite growing legal rights, writers and performers have yet …

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