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Part 1 – An Explanation for Vaccination  February 7, 2013 – 07:48 pm
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This is something I have worked on for a while.

As you guys may remember I wrote a piece on an “Easy Explanation of Immunology” a while back. And I noticed one of the comments.

I apparently didn’t set it all the way to easy and there were some bits that needed further explanation so I started working on a series of pieces that explain vaccination properly.

So if you are new to the debate go have a read of the above article. It may not be as easy as I thought it was but the next series of posts will expand on it and try to hammer out some of the basics so that you can better understand the topic.

Let’s start with something sensible.

Why Do We Vaccinate.

Let’s start at the beginning. We vaccinate because prevention is better than a cure and therefore preventing the disease by boosting the specific immune system towards that disease will help save a lot of misery. In simple parlance “A Stitch in Time Saves Nine”.

There are two benefits to vaccinating

  • Immediate – It provides personal immunity. The person immunised is protected (for the most part… vaccines are not 100% effective but 95% is better than 0%) from disease. Initially these include diseases that are responsible for infant mortality including pneumococcus, rotavirus, HiB and Measles (Pneumonia, Diarrhoea, Measles and Meningitis are among the biggest killers of children world wide. Pneumonia, Diarrhoea and Measles kill more than a million children each worldwide). As you grow older more vaccines can be given to top up immunity as boosters or to protect against new diseases that you may be exposed to including during travel. In addition some vaccines such as the BCG may not protect you against a disease but protect you against the intensifying of the disease (The BCG stops the spread of Tuberculosis from the lungs which is pretty dangerous. More so than tuberculosis of the lungs which we normally associate with TB).

Source: A Million Gods

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Also---why do you not have any links

To the report you are refering to in you "sample letter"? as a matter of fact the more i check your site out and check out the acctuall facts the more i want to say hummmmmm.....very sloppy work
So here’s what some canadians have to say bout it
and it is always good to get a little back story (plus the site seems to be a bit over loaded
and the acctual link to th...y due to the vaugeness of the law both the creator of “Orphan Works” and anyone who may inadvertantly or knowingly refere to another work that is who may or may not have a known author—source what ever---everyone really has no way of knowing what is ok to do and what is not---this solution is FAR BETTER then how things are right now---where in fact anyone can use anything and repost it anywhere.

Great Information...2

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God made me do it.

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A psychiatric evaluation has been ordered for a man.
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