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Fraud Triage: First Steps When Fraud Is Discovered  February 13, 2013 – 09:51 pm

A Solid Checklist to Help Businesses Deal with the Immediate Hours after Discovery of Fraud

The discovery of fraud within a company can be extremely unnerving and can introduce a certain amount of panic in business owners and accounting professionals. Here’s a checklist of things you should be sure to do—from contacting law enforcement and insurers to preserving evidence and communicating with employees.

You’ve just received a call from a loyal client looking for advice—she’s just discovered that one of her employees has been stealing from the company.  Your client has come to you asking for advice—what should I do now that I’ve discovered this fraud?

The word “triage” is often associated with the battlefield process of assigning priority to treating the wounded while the fight still rages on.  While not nearly so dramatic, the discovery of fraud within one’s company can be extremely unnerving and induce a certain amount of panic in the face of a combination of uncertainty as to magnitude and anger at having been taken by a once-trusted employee.

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Intuit, Inc. QuickBooks Pro 2012
Software (Intuit, Inc.)
  • Organize your business finances all in one place
  • Easily create invoices and track sales and expenses
  • Quickly import your data from a spreadsheet
  • Get a real time snapshot of your business with Company Snapshot
  • Set up in minutes, easy to learn and use

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Tim Crosby CPA CVA of FR&R in Deerfield |
Tim Crosby CPA CVA of FR&R in Deerfield |
Presidents Export Council Meeting
Presidents Export Council Meeting
Brian Cayce; Principal, Gray Ghost Ventures Social Venture Group - IMPACT
Brian Cayce; Principal, Gray Ghost Ventures Social Venture Group - IMPACT

Major credit card issuers provide free extended

Major credit card issuers provide free extended warranty benefits when you use their cards to purchase qualifying items. In most cases, the credit card program automatically tacks on an additional year to the product’s existing warranty period, effectively doubling the extended warranty period up to the program limit for no additional cost. The major credit card companies, American Express, Visa...nal service contract purchased and the original manufacturer’s written U.S. repair warranty as supplied by the product manufacturer.
You must not cancel the card used to make the purchase and the card must still be active at the time of warranty redemption.
To file your warranty claim, you will have to verify the above and fill out a claims form provided by the credit card company.

Avis now uses a fleet of electric bikes

18 December 2007
Committed to reducing its carbon footprint in London, Avis now uses a fleet of electric bikes for its deliveries and collections around the city. The bikes are provided and operated by Avis’ supplier Vehicle Enhancement Services (VES).
VES had previously worked with Avis for just over three year...ble than anticipated and the service is working extremely well.”
Avis has been working with The CarbonNeutral® Company for the last eight years and was the first European car rental company to become carbon neutral, offsetting 94,500 tonnes of CO2 since 2000. Avis customers can offset their car rental emissions online at for just £1 – last year 23% more customers chose to do so.

Speaking of which...

One prediction: ‘Natural capitalism’ to be next economic revolution
If you get into a conversation about sustainability, and the talk turns to economic issues, someone is probably going to mention a book called Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution.
The bad news about the future, according to the book, published in 1999, is that without a healthy e... system that recycles wastes, as nature does, rather than discarding them).
3. Transitioning from a goods-producing, "owning things" economy to a "service and flow" economy (example: buying carpeting service from a company instead of buying a carpet and discarding it when it wears out).
4. Investing in activities that protect or restore the ecosystems we depend on.…

It's a free service i love

And keep trying to tell ladies on the forum, but keeps getting flagged as spam :(
anyway, upromise is a way for people to save up money for college for their kids without having to do anything...you build up some savings by doing things what you normally do (like online shopping or buying gas) and a percentage of what you spend is set aside in an account for your kids (or future kids) to ...store, and shop online.
anyway, this isn't spam so i hope i don't get flagged...I don't work for the company, I don't get anything out of spreading the word...I just tell everyone I know cuz I think it's a great thing and a lot of people our age don't know about it! it's the same thing like saying go to etsy.com to find great deals on creative things or ebay for cheaper wedding dresses :)

Current Blu-ray Players Obsolete

Blu-ray was rushed out the door in order to stay competitive with HD DVD. The Blu-ray Disc Association has only recently finalized the formats specifications, which most current players do not conform to. This includes the Playstation 3, and all of Sony's own Blu-ray players. The lacking features include PIP support, part of BD-Java technology. Many players that even support BD-Java, do not supp...ting that many such players will also play standard DVDs, so these folks aren't exactly going to be stuck replacing their entire video library.)It's something like the tech consumer's version of "The Emperor's New Clothes," he said, or the same phenomenon that has people buying cameras with more and more megapixels even if they can't tell the difference between one camera's picture and the next.

Methodology: How the Latin America rankings were compiled  — Financial Times

Brand valuation is a metric that enables brand owners and the investment community, and others, to evaluate and compare brands. Further, brand valuation enables faster and better-informed decision-making because it helps identify where value is derived.

Samsung Electronics Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (10.1-Inch, Wi-Fi)
Personal Computer (Samsung Electronics)
  • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS
  • 10.1-inch Multitouch 720p HD Screen (1280 x 800)
  • 16GB Internal Memory; microSD expansion up to 32GB
  • Wireless N Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n); Bluetooth 3.0
  • 1GHz Dual-Core Processor; 1GB RAM
YY 2010-12-06 Calgary City Council - December 6, 2010
YYCCC 2010-12-06 Calgary City Council - December 6, 2010
Approaches to Streamlining the Data Access Process (Policy/ELSI) - Laura Rodriguez
Approaches to Streamlining the Data Access Process (Policy/ELSI) - Laura Rodriguez
Bay Area Python Interest Group August 2007 Meeting
Bay Area Python Interest Group August 2007 Meeting
PlayStation Portable 3000 Core Pack System - Piano Black
Video Games (Sony)
  • Piano Black PlayStation Portable includes built-in microphone
  • Listen to MP3s and watch full-length movies
  • Built-in WiFi lets you access the Internet from any accessible hotspot
  • Memory Stick Duo slot for storage expansion
HP 60 Ink Cartridge in Retail Packaging, Combo Pack (CD947FN#140)
  • Individually factory sealed
  • It s a Genuine OEM Product
  • One year factory warranty against product defect
  • Recycling is made easy with HP Planet Partners Recycling Program

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