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Advisors Say “Yea” to Annuities  June 3, 2010 – 12:15 pm
To have a facility, space or non-physical asset at the College named

Guaranteed Income Solutions Appropriate for Most

Regular readers of our blog will notice a few recurring themes in our posts when it comes to retirement planning and post-settlement planning:

Protecting yourself from the risk of outliving your money is wise

Slow and steady wins the race

Things that look too good to be true usually are

A recent article in LifeHealthPRO reinforced our way of thinking.

In “LIMRA: Most Advisors Favor Including Annuities in Clients’ Portfolios, ” we learn most financial advisors believe . . .

  • Clients with less than $500, 000 in assets should have some annuities
  • Outliving financial resources is the biggest risk their clients face
  • The benefits of guaranteed income products outweigh the benefits of non-guaranteed income solutions

Granted:  Annuities don’t quite deliver the same “thrill” other investment and settlement alternatives might.  But for safety, security, peace of mind and protection against “losing it all, ” annuities deliver.

Surprising:  Even advisors with clients whose assets exceed $1, 000, 000 say guaranteed income solutions, like annuities, are appropriate for them.

Source: Finn Financial Group - Structured Settlements

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Is this copyright infringement?

So I'll give a bit of background to my situation. I am a member of my high school's executive board of student council. In the past, our school let us play about 10-45 seconds of whatever song the publicity manager decided to play during the morning announcements. This year, though one of the teachers brought up that playing a song during announcements could be considered copyright inf...ine. The song is purely meant for non-profit purposes, we're only playing at the most 45 seconds, and we won't really affect if people end up buying the song, it's not like we're handing out cd's with the song on it.
We're just a couple of students trying to make our school a nicer environment for our fellow students. Hopefully someone out there can help us out and guide us.

Oh, and the prices are set because they

People will buy them for.
There's no reason why a game has to be $50. The per copy costs are miniscule. If they lowered the price of a game, there's a good chance it would sell proportionally more copies and net the same overall profits.
However, the games are $50 because that's how much they're used to charging and that's how much people are used to paying.
It has nothing to d...trying to decide whether pirating a game is worth spending several hours downloading it and then another hour messing with the CD image and copyright protection, if I'm comparing it to a $50 price tag, piracy looks more favorable. If I'm comparing it to a $20 price tag, buying it looks more favorable.
If the game companies want to reduce piracy, they need to lower their price tags. Period.

Actually, it's purchased, not licensed

The software vendors have tried to promote the idea that we aren't buying software... we are buying a "license" to use the software, with various restrictions. In generally, the courts have not bought this argument - at least in the case of shrink-wrap software delivered on physical media. The courts' position has been surprisingly common sense: if the buyer exchanges money for good, with no
And although you see to have a stick up your ass about corporations, copyright law protects everyone... you can write an article, create a painting, record a song, or write software, and you are entitled to legal protection for your work.
Of course, we could create an alternate legal system where we just share everything. Oh wait, they tried that in the Soviet Union, didn't they?

He's right unless contract says otherwise

What does the contract say? Unless he specifically gave you the rights to the source code in the contract, in writing, he owns the copyright to the source code.
All you bought was the right to use the product, not the product itself. It's like buying any software. You buy a license to use it, not the source code.
He was a contractor and the work was not "work for hire" under the terms of US copyright law. That only applies to employees (people you supply a W-2 for is the easiest way to figure it). A 1099 contractor is not work for hire.
Designers are constantly debating this. Some are willing to give up source code/original materials, others won't give it up without a lot of money changing hands.

Methodology: How the Latin America rankings were compiled  — Financial Times

Brand valuation is a metric that enables brand owners and the investment community, and others, to evaluate and compare brands. Further, brand valuation enables faster and better-informed decision-making because it helps identify where value is derived.

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