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Here's What Matters For Coach's $66 Valuation  February 13, 2013 – 06:09 pm
Table 2.1 shows how big the By Trefis:

Coach Inc. (COH) is a leading American marketer of luxury handbags and other fashion accessories. While the company has historically achieved high top line growth, with an average y-o-y sales growth of 13.4% during the four quarters through Q1 2013, its growth rate slipped in Q2 2013. In Q2 2013, Coach registered only a 4% annual rise in sales with its North American sales increasing by a mere 1%. Its net margin also declined by 50 basis points annually to 23.5% in Q2. Coach’s stock price has declined by almost 20% since its last quarterly results were announced. (Read: Coach Quarterly Results Disappoint Due To Weak N. American Performance)

In this article, we provide a quick overview of the major product categories of Coach, its geographical presence and the key growth strategies and risks that impact its valuation.

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What are the major product

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Public Nuisance at the New York Times

Monty Pelerin--
"I have refrained from bashing Paul Krugman of the NY Times. Indeed, I barely mention him because I found him embarrassing to be included in the economics profession. He has become such a Public Nuisance,appearing in print and on TV expounding his particular brand of nonsense, that it is difficult to ignore this political opportunist any longer.
Mr. Krugman is ...radictory positions. Most people are unaware that he was paid by Enron. Few understand the contradictions of his past positions with his present ones. A particularly egregious example, for someone who presumes to provide advice as to how to solve today's economic crisis, is his part in its creation. Pogoprinciple reveals how Mr. Krugman advocated the creation of a housing bubble back in 2002..."

You aren't entitled to a new car

The other driver is liable for the actual damages caused to you.
If you weren't driving a brand new car, he didn't destroy a brand new car, and doesn't owe you a brand new car. You are owed the value of your used car, which is generally determined from the actual sales prices of similar used cars in similar condition in your area.
This will generally be less than the asking price a...ppearance. Check the comparable vehicles they list to make sure they really are comparable, not rustbuckets or older model years.
If you want a brand new car, you have to pay the upcharge from your used car. That can be steep -- the "thump thump" when you drive a new car off the dealer's lot is the sound of thousands of dollars falling on the ground when your car goes from "new" to "used."

If you upgrade your car with .. change in value

If you upgrade your car with 4 brand new Michellin tires that cost $500, what kind of change in value can you expect - for Book valuation purposes only - not for resale.

Totaled loss claim on car

Hi i'm going through the insurance company of another party who was responsible for totalling my car, and am running into some issues:
1) i had put in a brand new battery one month prior to the car being totalled and they are giving 20% of its value. does that sound ridculous or what?
2) i had also put in new tires about 1.3 years ago, with only 6000 miles on it. originally they had ...ll and keep the money, and that they will be able to get a lot more than that for the brand new battery and tires. she claims that they don't do that and insists that they pay whatever CCC Valuescope says; that the value assigned are non-negotiable.
does anyone have insight into how this works or recommendations on how to get them to give a fair value for my now totalled car?

Methodology: How the Latin America rankings were compiled  — Financial Times

Brand valuation is a metric that enables brand owners and the investment community, and others, to evaluate and compare brands. Further, brand valuation enables faster and better-informed decision-making because it helps identify where value is derived.

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