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Brand Evaluation  October 9, 2012 – 05:46 am
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When I was reading chapter 5 of Groundswell by Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff, I learned more about the marketing side of business. As a finance student I am constantly thinking about numbers, their formulas, and what they all mean. I find that the reoccurring point of finance is to be efficient and/or find the most efficient ratio or way to do things. Because I think like this everyday at school in all of my classes I find myself thinking like this normally now. I think this is why I now struggle with subjects that don’t involve being efficient, but being creative. I see marketing as being creative and so I often struggle to get my mind around some of the concepts. However, the concept of finding the best way to get feedback from your customers seems an awful lot like finding an efficiency.

One of the most interesting theories I have learned from reading this chapter is that “your brand is what your customers say it is” (Li & Bernoff, 2011). They derived this saying from Ricardo Guimaraes’s theory about brand value. I believe that this theory is very true. A company can advertise all they want and push for their brand to be seen in a certain way, but if that is not how consumers see the brand, then that is not what the brand will be. This theory added so much more value to all the different departments in a company. It is marketing’s job to try and make people perceive the company’s brand in a certain way, and it is mainly HR who is dealing with the customers and collecting their feedback. By having all of the departments working together efficiently they are adding value to the company, and in turn adding value to the company’s brand.

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Election 2010: John Hickenlooper aims to keep a democrat in the governor's mansion: Denver's mayor wants to brand Colorado as a pro-business state and ... An article from: ColoradoBiz
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Dr. Spencer's questions

Questions regarding Morgellons that I want to answer:
What is Morgellons Disease?
How is this known?
What are the symptoms?
What are the physical findings?
How long has it existed?
What is the geographical distribution?
Is it contagious? What is the evidence?
How is it contracted?
Where is it made and how is this known?
What /> What forms of DNA are associated?
What is the significance of the colored fibers?
What electrical phenomena/EMF are associated?
What nano computers are present?
What is the current treatment and what are the results?
What part does Lyme play?
What are the arthropod like entities that infest people?
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Patents expire after 5years

The company has to find a new use or formula for the drug and they can re-apply for another 5yrs.
Some companies IMO abuse this. I take Imitrex which has been on the market about 15yrs. But it still costs $27 a pill. Because they made an injectable version, a 100mg pill, and then re-formulated the product fom sumatriptan to sumatriptan succinate, all so no one can make a generic.
Yo...ere financial burder for others.
I'm not sure what, but something needs to change so companines can offer medicines at lower prices or something, if they will not allow their patent to expire. Or have more insurance plans cover brand name drugs without making the doctor & patient jump through hoops to get special approval, maybe.
Just my generic vs. brand name rant for the night :-)

White History - February 14

1946 ENIAC, the world's first electronic digital computer, was officially unveiled at the Moore School of Electrical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania. ENIAC is short for Electronic Numerical Integrator and Calculator, and was conceived and designed by John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert of the University of Pennsylvania.

1876 American inventors Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell each filed patents for their version of a telephone.

After Patent on Genes Is Invalidated

Published: March 30, 2010
"Many biotechnology stocks fell on Tuesday as investors struggled to understand the impact of a ruling that threw out parts of two gene patents and called into question thousands more."
"Stock market losses were muted, with two major indexes that track the shares of the industry falling by less than 1 percent each."
... patents held by Myriad Genetics covering two breast cancer genes, known as BRCA1 and BRCA2, were invalid."
"Myriad analyzes those genes in an expensive test that predicts whether a woman is at a high risk of getting breast or ovarian cancer."
"The plaintiffs in the case, which included various medical groups, said the patents on DNA were illegal and impeded access to the testing."

So anyway, the USA's intellectual property keeps

Getting siphoned off by china stealing trade secrets, patents, info. about how to build and maintain complex computer and military stuff (notice how suddenly they magically "pulled themselves into" the manned space scene?) via china's extensive cadre of "professional hackers."
according to america's "counter terrorism czar," richard clarke, he says that "every major company in america has ...orses, all ready to be activated on command, so we won't know what hit us. or what's already hitting us.
"my greatest fear," clarke says, is that rather than having a cyver pearl harbor event, we will instead have this death of a thousand cuts. where we lose our competitiveness by having all of our research and development stolen by the chinese."
(read this in a smithsonian article.)

IPO Amicus Brief Argues for Patent Eligibility of Myriad's Isolated DNA Claims …  — Patent Docs
Indeed, the Court cited Thomas Jefferson for the proposition that the patent laws should be broadly construed with regard to what is patent eligible, referencing the first Patent Act of 1793 and Jefferson's exhortation that "ingenuity should receive a …

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