Price determination of know-how

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My birthday, the day I was officially born, is November 12th.
My kids birthdays are in May and August.
I have another daughter. She was stillborn July 15th.
My re-birthday, the day I consider myself reborn, is that same day.

10 years ago today I vowed in the hospital room, as my body shut down with a kind of preeclampsia that kills quickly and suddenly, that I was not going to lose my daughter still connected to me via umbilical cord, placenta, and strong deep emotions. “Over my dead body! Over my dead body!” I repeated like a mantra as I lost touch with reality and found my focus constricting down into one moment, one breath, two heartbeats.

Barely into my last trimester, I knew it was too early for her. They induced labor to save my life but all I wanted was to keep hers going.

The room got dark and I couldn’t see anymore while at the same time my inner vision got brighter and brighter. I don’t know how to explain it other than I was blind to the outside but my vision was getting blindingly white. It was like staring at the sun and then reaching a point where you realize you will either go blind or need to shield your eyes. “Over my dead body!” I thought one last time, and the thought occurred to me that if I kept looking at the light that’s exactly what would happen. I thought of my two young kids, then 6 and 3, and it was like a mental eye shielding. My focus turned to them, and away from my not quite born yet daughter. It felt like I’d switched off a light switch…the light got dark again. In the following moments she was stillborn. My blood pressure, astronomically high at 210/190, took over a year to stabilize. I had other lingering health issues that took some time to work out. But, I was alive.

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Gale ECCO, Print Editions A determination of the average depression of the price of wheat in war, below that of the preceding peace; and of its readvance in the following; ... By J. Brand, ...
Book (Gale ECCO, Print Editions)

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In September 2011 , the FASB issued new technical guidance regarding an entity's evaluation of goodwill for possible impairment. Under this new guidance an entity has the option to first assess qualitative factors to determine whether the existence of …

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