How to evaluate intangible assets?

Talent Evaluation vs Talent Development (Or Chicken vs Egg?)  January 3, 2012 – 05:28 pm

Here in Cleveland we’re well aware of the lists. That would be lists of draft picks that never panned out, or lists of players selected later that went on to have productive careers. Truth be told, every city and every franchise has those lists. If drafting the right players was easy, we’d all be general managers.

It’s easy to blame a GM or team president for lousy talent evaluation. Sometimes though, you have to wonder if those in charge of developing that talent didn’t drop the ball. (I know that the athletes have to have a desire to work and get better on their own. I lump that in with evaluating talent, whether or not a player has the right ‘intangibles’.)

I believe we’ve seen enough failure on both fronts recently to last a few sports’ lifetimes.

I bring this up not because I want to bash Butch Davis, Danny Ferry, Eric Wedge or any of the current coaches or GMs. I bring it up in response to what’s been taking place over the past few weeks in Cleveland sports.

I’ll start with the Cavaliers, who have stated over and over again that during this rebuild they are going to keep their options open, and stockpiles assets. That approach meant (supposedly) backing away from a three way trade which would have sent Andrew Bynum to Cleveland. This is a move I have no problem with, as Bynum probably wasn’t going to sign an extension guaranteeing the Cavaliers would have him longer than a season or two.  They put in a bid for Luis Scola, only to be outbid by the Suns. This kind of move would have allowed the Cavs to add a quality piece that could have been moved later. More flexibility.

Source: WaitingForNextYear

Smart growth strategies for franchise expansion: how to recognize, evaluate and implement franchise-system growth.(Management & Operations): An article from: Franchising World
Book (International Franchise Association)

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