Explanation of copyright

 February 14, 2013 – 04:58 pm
Explanation of Copyright

The question is should you copyright your logo or trademark your logo?

The US Copyright Office states "copyright protection may be available for logo artwork that contains sufficient authorship."

Even if your logo does qualify for copyright protection, do not assume it's the same as trademark protection.

Filing a trademark for a logo is similar to filing a trademark for a name.

Copyright a Logo

Copyright laws protect content creators in all artistic fields. Copyright laws, as they pertain to music, specifically cover compositions, both lyrics and music. Just performing a song or playing a piece of music you've composed in public does not give you copyright.

Copyright laws enable the songwriter or musician to record the composition (called mechanical rights), perform it in public (performance rights), sell copies of the song and collect money on its sale and use. Performance rights permit performers to sing the song publicly.

Copyright laws also allow you to license your work to others.

Source: Copyright Laws

Aspen Publishers Examples & Explanations: Copyright, Third Edition
Book (Aspen Publishers)

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Nader in Detroit

Anti-union position exposed... Nader runs from Detroit workers Copyright © 2000 New Pioneer News Service DETROIT Sept. 5 (NPNS) -- Ralph Nader ditched the sea of workers after he revealed his anti-Union sentiments after the Detroit Labor Day and Festival. It took just a few honest questions from the staff of the Worker to expose Nader's opinions to make him jump far and fast. As the Green Party<...Nader signs. Nader then turned to Paris, demanding, 'Do you call for a $10 an hour minimum wage?' Paris replied, 'No. I am for a higher one than that,' to the cheers of unionists in the crowd. The Green (as Money) Nader then hightailed it away from the crowd of Detroit's workers. We are sure he hoped they'd soon forget what they all saw as plain as day. Nader is just another yuppie union buster.


The following article appeared in Left Business Observer #98, October 2001. It retains its copyright and may not be reprinted or redistributed in any form - print, electronic, facsimile, anything - without the permission of LBO.
Back in happier times, January 2000, George W. Bush said: 'When I ...lem would require the U.S. to revise its support of the wretched regimes of the Middle East, and to do something about the 100/1 ratio between the incomes of rich and poor worldwide. But we should be honest about what that means - a retreat from empire. That's a very tall order, but that's what 'Seattle' should ultimately be about. If not, the consequences could well be a slow-motion Armageddon.

Background info on Bin laden, Al-Qaeda

Here's a good summary of Bin Laden's network for those that want some background info...
NEW YORK (AP) -- Recruited off the streets of New York in 1986, Jamal Ahmed al-Fadl became a foot soldier for Osama bin Laden -- fighting in Afghanistan, training in Sudan and learning the inner workings of a terrorist network whose members signed on to a holy war against America.
Fifteen years ...sands of dollars on his safety, finding him a place in the federal witness protection program where he remains today.
Experts say the costs are worth it.
'It's a really rare person who walks in to a U.S. embassy with good knowledge and who is credible,' said Dan Goure, a counterterrorism expert at the Washington-based Lexington Institute.
Copyright 2001 The Associated Press.

They Also Make Bombs Out Of Paper

They also make bombs out of paper
Raj Patel
'A little fertilizer, some bleach and some hubcaps to put them all in, and you've got a bomb', he said. 'You can use frozen orange juice and slugs instead of bleach, if you haven't got any', he added helpfully. Sean, a towering neighbourhood 13 year-old fund of wisdom, confided secrets to me that he had cribbed at night from his father's A...er. As the Gandhians among us know, you can also make a weapon out of truth. To update Orwell, telling the truth is now a terrorist act. So if we don't become guerrillas armed with truth, satyagrahi? Well, then the real terrorists have already won.
Raj Patel is a co-editor of The Voice of the Turtle.
For more information, see The US Constitution - Treatment Action Campaign - PhRMA -

Its two, two, two wars at once...

Another explanation of why bombing Afghanistan reduces our chances of making us and the world safer.
America's identity crisis
Waging war projects American might in Central Asia -- but only makes it harder to catch bin Laden. That's why we should stop the bombing and intensify the international police hunt.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
By Michael T. Klare
Nov. 3, 2001 | ...d in the short term, such a shift would best advance American strength and safety over the long run.
© COPYRIGHT 2000 Pacific News Service
- - - - - - - - - - - -
About the writer
Michael T. Klare is a professor of peace and world security studies at Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass., and author of 'Resource Wars: The New Landscape of Global Conflict.'

In September 2011 , the FASB issued new technical guidance regarding an entity's evaluation of goodwill for possible impairment. Under this new guidance an entity has the option to first assess qualitative factors to determine whether the existence of …

Aspen Publishers Copyright: Examples & Explanations, 2e
Book (Aspen Publishers)
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Copyright Strike #1 (Explanation) Vlog
Copyright Free: An introduction to Creative Commons
Copyright Free: An introduction to Creative Commons
A Fair(y) Use Tale
A Fair(y) Use Tale

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