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Peer-to-Patent Update  June 16, 2011 – 12:28 pm
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Since the Peer-to-Patent pilot launched, there have been 370, 011 pageviews from 67, 188 absolute unique visitors in 152 countries/territories. 

There are currently 2, 501 registered users of the site and nearly 350 prior art uploads by volunteer experts since the project’s launch.  Thank you to our peer reviewers! 

121 applications have completed or are currently participating in the program.  There are currently 27 patent applications available for review.  Click here for the list and thanks for your continued support.

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What's annoying is your blaming physics

>when physics or meditiation ever get to
>the point where my secrets can be tested,
>then i'll make a more educated decision
>on this. for now, i guess maybe i've just
>chosen to be idealistic.
You are chooses to be rude, disrespectful, and idiotic. Not idealistic. Rude and disrespectful because you blame PHYSICS for your choosing to be too lazy to anazlye your ex.... Which starts to make me wonder if these religious scientists you pretend exist (remember, you haven't produced a single one) are actually being scientific all the time.
>the take home is that we see with our
>mind and we see what our mind allows us
>to see.
Brain, the device is hooked up to your brain, you brain is made up of particles and follows the laws of physics.

Wouldn't put it that way, but basically agree.

I hate the term "misused," because the patent system is what it is. If it allows someone to do something undesirable with a patent, one shouldn't say the patent is being misused. One should say the system sucks.
That said, yeah, I agree that the purpose of the patent system is to promote the progress of technology. And we can probably do a better job. To be sure, we've recently done some t... are practicing the patent somehow. I don't have room to explain, but those are bad ideas.
Separately, I didn't know you worked at Google! My old firm does the lion's share of Google's patent prosecution, and I wrote a bunch of cases for them a while ago (which are now issued patents). None of my cases had Boston inventors, so it's unlikely we ever worked together. Still, small(ish) world.

Let's get a few things clear

Firstly: one thing scientists are not, is lazy! Science is competitive on all levels, with the arguable exception of tenure. And even with tenure, there's competition for grants and collaborations. No experiments are run by a bunch of guys with tenure - all the data is collected by technicians, grad students, and assistant professors, all of whom would love to get their names on a ...e lives and well-being of their own children.
Questioning scientists is fine, but before you make outrageous claims, educate yourself, learn the science, and take a serious look at the data. That's one thing that science has got a lot of practice with - it's all founded on data.
All of those "non-scientists" who contributed to science have one thing in common: they were hard workers!

Copyright and trademark differences

Ok... but i gotta go and do a bunch of cya stuff before i answer your question, so bear with me please.
I need to explain with everyone reading understanding that I am not offering what i say to be taken as legal advice... nor that what i say here should be taken as legal advice; and that to get legal opinions, you should contact an licensed attorney... I'm not an attorney, I'm a patent ag...ntellectual property">intellectual property) lawyer in your area. Or (and i almost hesitate to suggest this) if you want more advice from others who might be in the profession... you might try the legal forum; but a huge caveat here.. the legal forum is also used by a few folks who are not lawyers (go figure) and can lead you astray. So take advice from the legal forum with caution.

In September 2011 , the FASB issued new technical guidance regarding an entity's evaluation of goodwill for possible impairment. Under this new guidance an entity has the option to first assess qualitative factors to determine whether the existence of …

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