Definition of Human Resources Audit

WINNING HUMAN REOURCES POLICIES – Tips for Developing Solid HR Policies  September 4, 2011 – 04:27 pm
Human Resource Audit at all

By: Senyo M. Adjabeng

“Optimists are right. So are pessimists. It’s up to you to choose which you will be.” –Harvey Mackay

I am trying hard not to think about all the technical things I could be writing about Human Resources Policies.  In writing this article, I am desperately thinking about demystifying Human Resources Policies.  Now, Human Resources Management practice has come a very long way.  From personnel management to a business partner today, Human Resources Management has become a highly regulated practice which has serious legal and procedural implications.  And this makes it quite difficult to keep out strict technicalities.  On the contrary, though HR policies are derived from hard legal provisions as well as practice, they are not different from the day to day employee related activities undertaken in the workplace.  After all, Employment Law is and has been informed by precedent workplace practices between Employers and their Workers over time.

It is not helpful to attempt an understanding of HR policies in straight jackets.  Definitions are currently as diverse as they come.  While the Collins English Dictionary defines a policy generally as a plan of action adopted by a person, group or state, a very renowned writer and HR practitioner (M. Armstrong, 2001) defines Human Resources policy as “continuing guidelines on the approach the organization intends to adopt in managing its people”.  Surely, the two definitions assist us to picture what an HR policy is.

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