What is structural capital?

IMF: Portugal should avoid “excessive structural adjustment”  December 12, 2010 – 03:00 pm
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Portugal should keep to its fiscal targets, but it’s also important that the country avoidsexcessive structural adjustment”, writes the International Monetary Fund in its “Article IV” report released on Wednesday 18 July.

[Portugal should] adhere to programmed fiscal targets, but avoid excessive structural adjustment in case of weaker growth and employment”, writes IMF in its recommendations for Portugal, one day after releasing its review of the country’s €78bn bailout. The fund also presents recommendations for Greece, Ireland and Italy.

Regarding fiscal policies and reforms, the IMF also says Portugal should ensure a timely implementation of its reform agenda and reduce liabilities “through timely, planned SOE [state owned enterprises] restructuring”.

The IMF also advises Portugal to ensure “alignment of bank deleveraging plans with available credit supply” and large banks to strengthen their capital buffers.

In addition, Portugal needs to ensure it remains competitive “notably

Source: Portugal Daily View

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$138, as I mentioned below the picture.

All the parts store will do for ya is pull codes. That doesn't help you much as some things--like a slow O2 sensor--don't necessarily set a code.
And they won't help me, anyway, since everything I own is OBD-1, and all they can deal with is OBD-2. I haven't seen (til now) an OBD-1 scanner for a reasonable price. Mostly all I've seen for OBD-1 are devices that tell the ECU to blink out code...say "generally" because I can't get my Caprice to flash the codes. When I jumper the correct pins, the KOEO Check Engine light goes out and the cooling fan runs. Yet running the car and disconnecting, say, the MAF sensor does turn the light on, suggesting the computer is still doing its job--it just doesn't want to talk to me. I know I've seen this before, but I don't remember what it means.

I got 2 examples

07ish Odyssey.
Today, the tech next to me diagnosed what turned out to be an ABS/TCS/VSA code, F-CAN communication problem that set codes in SOME of the connected modules all over the car. Problem was an intermittent, and will apparently only set codes at certain times and under certain conditions. It had the same or similar codes 25k ago, a VSA controller was tossed at it the last time. A...F? thread about hybrid stuff. 144V battery pack. Follow procedures. No special gloves. Standard DVOM. Factory scantools and reflash equipment.
I can't replace a battery pack until there is a code set specifically for it, and there is paperwork to fill out, controlled release parts-- ordering with VIN and codes, and all pertinent info.
What aftermarket scanners can handle these jobs?

Diversity Pretty Minimal In AZ

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I am a software engineer and if you have any other questions or want a non-RE professional perspective, feel free to email me at dan_manfre@yahoo.com. I would be happy to provide you with additional information and I hope your relocation goes well. BTW, I have resided in the Phoenix area since summer 2004.

Vancouver Ford, Vancouver WA

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Anyone know any good Lawyers or Attorneys, i have currently decided to just pursue a legal side on this.

Scott Cole explains why human capital may be your most valuable asset  — Alabama's13.com

WHAT IS HUMAN CAPITAL? It is the sum of your experiences, the values and the work ethic your parent taught you, your education, your social skills, it is everything that makes you you. It can be build - ie. education. It can be shaped - ie. your …

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Marc Andreessen: Structural Changes in Venture Capital
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Structural & Civil Engineering for Schools & Colleges in Western Australia
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Axions Building Materials are the Economical Future of Structural Design (OTC BB: AXIH)
Closing the Innovation Gap: Reigniting the Spark of Creativity in a Global Economy
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Westview Press The State And Capital In Chile: Business Elites, Technocrats, And Market Economics
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