What is Patent foramen ovale PFO?

Success Has a Name. Today It’s Michael Manack.  February 7, 2013 – 05:05 pm

Virgin HealthMiles is changing lives.  Just ask Michael Manack.

02.07.13_Success Has a Name_Michael Manack At 5:30 a.m. on December 28, 2009 at the age of 51, I suffered a stroke. The stroke affected my coordination especially on my right side (unfortunately I am right-handed), along with my balance and speech. I was in the hospital for four days and then in a rehabilitation hospital for a week. I was discharged with a walker. I continued therapy at the rehabilitation hospital as an outpatient. I was discharged from Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and finally Speech Therapy. In December 2010, I had a procedure to close a Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO). A PFO is a flap or hole in your heart which can allow a clot to go through the opening to the brain without going through the lungs. They believe that this was the cause of my stroke. I began working from home a few hours per week in March 2010 and progressed to be able to come into the office for a couple of hours each week, culminating in being back to full-time in the office at the end of June 2010.

As part of my rehabilitation, I began getting up at 5:00 am on weekdays to exercise on my elliptical trainer and I progressed to sessions lasting an hour. In February 2012, I decided to join HealthMiles and received my GoZone pedometer. After winning a couple of challenges, in May 2012 I decided to try running in the mornings. I had avoided running up to this point due to the coordination and balance required. I basically had to relearn how to run just as I had to relearn how to walk. I made a goal to run the local 5K Race on September 15, 2012. This goal was accomplished and my next goal is to complete a 10K race. The HealthMiles program motivated me to expand my rehabilitation workouts, basically relearn how to run and contributed to losing almost 30 lbs.

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But a participatory economy enjoys advantages in managing this trade off compared to capitalism. Most importantly, direct recognition of 'social serviceability' is a more powerful incentive to innovation in a participatory economy, which reduces the magnitude of the trade off since more innovation will occur in a participatory economy than in capitalism for the same speed of adjustments. Secondl... Economy. Forthcoming.
Levy, David. 1991. Book Review: Seeking a Third Way. Dollars and Sense 171 November 1991: 18-20.
Pramas, Jason. 1991. A Roundtable on Participatory Economics. Z Magazine July/August 1991: 73-74.
Weisskopf, Thomas. 1992. Toward a Socialism for the Future in the Wake of the Demise of the Socialism of the Past. Review of Radical Political Economics 24 (3&4).

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Patent Foramen Ovale, What Is This?
Patent Foramen Ovale, What Is This?
NHS PFO Device
NHS PFO Device
Patent Foramen Ovale Surgery - Medical Minute
Patent Foramen Ovale Surgery - Medical Minute

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