What is intellectual capital?

Making Strategic Value From Intellectual Capital  November 7, 2012 – 09:07 am
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“Why do companies really need to identify, measure and develop intangibles? ”. The answer is “To improve company financial performance”.

Research shows:

1. Majority of CEO's believe Intellectual Capital Reporting will increase.

2. 75% of companies are already tracking 2 or more intangibles.

3. Agreed that knowledge measurement improves organisational performance.

4. The process of identifying and measuring intellectual capital is as important as the information received from the measures.

What is Intellectual Capital (IC)?

The IC field is awash with different terms, concepts and metaphors that can often be more confusing than enlightening (see, e.g. Marr, 2005). What is for instance the difference between intangible assets and IC? Do non-financial assets and immaterial assets mean the same?

A Common Definition:

'All factors critical to an organization’s future success that are not shown in the traditional balance sheet'.

Traditionally, most methods used to analyze an organization are primarily based on financial figures. The problem with traditional accounting is that it deals with information in the past. Now, the information era is replacing the industrial era. Evidence of this is that an increasing share of company assets cannot be found in the balance sheet, for example patents, customer base, brand, etc. (Andriessen, 2004). Knowledge is the main source of competitive advantage; the management of a company is becoming more about managing people than it is about managing physical and monetary assets. Today’s company's show only a limited amount of their assets on their balance sheet relative to the value they produce and they often apply different strategies than more traditional companies.

Identifying and managing intellectual capital usually focuses on three main areas, Human Capital, Structural Capital and Relational Capital. Measureing intangibles will help your company leverage its processes and manage competitive advantage in new and more informed strategies adding value to its external relationships.

Source: iClargo Business Consultants

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WHAT HAPPENS when one and a half million human beings are imprisoned in a tiny, arid territory, cut off from their compatriots and from any contact with the outside world, starved by an economic blockade and unable to feed their families?
Some months ago, I described this situation as a sociological experiment set up by Israel, the United States and the European Union. The population of th...ake over the Strip by force was not accidental. Hamas had many good reasons to avoid it. The organization is unable to feed the population. It has no interest in provoking the Egyptian regime, which is busy fighting the Muslim Brotherhood, the mother-organization of Hamas. Also, the organization has no interest in providing Israel with a pretext for tightening the blockade.

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If so then science has the task of proving that a great and powerful entity created a clump of earth that orbits a huge fireball and then created a great many species of animal. Each animal in order to survive must kill something else or they will die.
Also some of the human species of animal believe that if they do not worship what they think made them and if they do not believe a book th...eat and powerful God to create others of equal stature rather than a very ignorant species of animal who just wants to fight and make war.
Basically the human concern is to maintain large pens of other species of animal for their eating pleasure, to have sex with one another as often as possible and to own as much wealth as possible even at the point of dropping bombs and killing children.

Part 2

At the same time, warm Pacific Ocean water is pulsing through the Bering Strait into the Arctic basin, helping melt a large area of sea ice between Alaska and eastern Siberia. Scientists are just beginning to learn how this exposed water has changed the movement of heat energy and major air currents across the Arctic basin, in turn producing winds that push remaining sea ice down the coasts of G...Yale calls "protective cognition" — we judge things in part on whether we see ourselves as rugged individualists mastering nature or as members of interconnected societies who live in harmony with the environment. Powerful special interests like the coal and oil industries have learned how to halt movement on climate policy by exploiting the fear people feel when their identities are threatened.

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Salah Al-Din 'Adhadhda, member of the press bureau of Hizb Al-Tahrir in Lebanon: We have come here to talk about the pinnacle of Islam – Jihad for the sake of Allah. Since Jihad – like other precepts of the Shari'a - has been sub...ultural campaign by the West, because of what the infidels viewed as the shattering of their earthly interests – interests that exploit human beings, sucking their blood. Jihad is the path to save mankind from the deprivation and hardship of their lives. The West has directed its arrows intensively against the Jihad, because it realized how dangerous Jihad is to Western civilization and culture.

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As the religious right pushes its anti-gay, anti-women’s reproductive rights, anti-science, pro-profit agenda nationally and in state capitals across the nation and...r dealers, right-wing religious leaders, feeds it. Like alcoholism and drug addiction, the fix numbs the religious addict against any feelings about how their addiction affects others…'
Reminder: “Model what it is to be a healthy human being without the addiction. Addicts must see people living outside the addiction, happy, confident, proud, and free from the effects of the disease.”

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WHAT IS HUMAN CAPITAL? It is the sum of your experiences, the values and the work ethic your parent taught you, your education, your social skills, it is everything that makes you you. It can be build - ie. education. It can be shaped - ie. your …

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