What is corporate intellectual property?

ALEC is an Enemy of Liberty  June 30, 2016 – 02:03 pm
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As the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) prepares for its annual meeting next week, there remains a great deal of confusion about what the organization supports. ALEC advertises itself as a group that supports free markets, limited government, and federalism. But in reality, ALEC pushes a broad range of oppressive policies that distort markets, attack liberty, and centralize power. ALEC does all of this on behalf of multinational corporations that would not and could not exist without state intervention.

ALEC has supported some of the most tyrannical legislation in recent memory. It wrote SB 1070, Arizona’s infamous anti-immigrant “Papers Please” law. Why would a “limited government” organization support giving police new powers to violate privacy and attack immigrants? Because detaining more immigrants means more profits for the Corrections Corporation of America (CCA), one of ALEC’s corporate members. CCA receives taxpayer money to operate prisons, jails, and immigration detention centers. ALEC’s anti-immigrant laws, as well as its harsh sentencing bills, exist to keep prisons full for CCA’s benefit. Locking human beings in cages so that a corporation can receive government money hardly sounds like a free market policy to me.

Source: Center for a Stateless Society

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Have you sent him any invoices

Via regular mail? I would send an invoice certified return receipt requesting payment for the work rendered.
Now in terms of this potential legal battle, it could get a little uncomfortable. HEre's why. What does your contract state specifically about copyrights? Most design contracts the copyright usually goes to the person who you are doing the desiging for, meaning your past employer re...ontract that you signed when you started working for him in terms of rights?
Also, you blatently threatened his business, which in general is not a good idea to do. Small claims court is the proper thing to do as well as a proper letter (not a verbal threat) letting him know that the website needs to be taken down according to such and such law until you are paid for your services, etc....

You have options. You mentioned

A contract, so the first thing you do is contact the person that you dealt with for the commission, point out what your contract was for, and the fact that you are aware the school is now using your copyrighted image.
Be nice, be friendly. Tell them that they are in violation of your copyrights, and you'd be happy to work out a financial arrangement that is beneficial to you so they can c...s the site for Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts
If you're feeling charitable, you can tell them you are going to now donate all the proceeds from future sales to some charity. Or keep the money.
The minute they give you a hard time, I would let them know that you are going to be contacting the local press on this issue. Because no matter what they say, they are taking advantage of you.

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