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Code everlasting – how customers can sell their downloads  September 4, 2017 – 02:18 am

How much money could you make by selling on your used apps and games?

Consumers commonly re-sell their old plastic, boxed applications, CDs and video games through auction sites and back to retailers.

When it comes to the equivalent practise of re-selling download licenses, one of the world’s largest software makers has been trying to stop the prospect – but its efforts have been thrown out by a court.

The European Court of Justice has ruled: ”An author of software cannot oppose the resale of his ‘used’ licences allowing the use of his programs downloaded from the internet.”

The case follows a complaint brought by Oracle in Germany against UsedSoft, a site which buys and sells business software licenses from their original owners. It means the license consumers get when they buy software via download can be traded on in the same way the boxed license can be.

The ruling is being digested in the games industry, where high street retailers have carved out a thriving new trade by buying and re-selling second-hand boxed games from and to customers.

Some online companies like Green Man Gaming have tried to create an equivalent market in selling activation codes for PC game downloads.

Source: GigaOM

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I'm not selling anything. Just laughing at you.

I don't sell anything on the internet. I repair cars for a living and I already know what you think of mechanics, even worse a dealer mechanic. I have replaced tcm's on gm vehicles before and programmed them, have you? No, but still you insist that you know more about it then me. That tcm does not come programmed with the software the vehicle needs, it needs to programmed with the correct softwa...a pass through programming device nor does all it's bidirectional functions work properly. This is after using it on 50+ cars a several different makes in a productive shop environment.
As for your bragging about replacing your timing chains, is that supposed to impress me? I hung a set of gm 3.6 chains monday morning and was done test driving it and put it in the parking lot before lunch.

After all the good advice already

Shared, I don't have a lot to add except addressing the transmission in your query. If you've been happy with a manual transmission, and it better fits some types of driving you do, by all means get a manual transmission Outback or model that fits your fancy. Manual transmissions are almost infinitely more simple than automatic transmissions, a lot less to go wrong with them, give more warning o...hings to weed out in my first OBDII vehicle owned recently purchased. Originally got the hardware and software to read out instantaneous MPG for some long trips I need to do but notice it may also be able to tell and record sensor data of powertrain while driving. So far the scanners that claim to do ABS data for my car don't, so I may be stuck with powertrain and SRS ability only in a handheld.

God, how I love the Internet!

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I, but I got an email stating the part had gone out in Wednesday's mail. Friday afternoon it was on my porch.
Times like this I like to say, "It's great living in the future!" My son just looks at me with amusement. He's never known a world without cell phones, satellite TV, GPS, laptop computers and the Internet. But I have. It's amazing anything ever got done without this stuff.

Not looking at video because I don't own

A GM car or know anybody who does.
The DS708 does not have chinese pirated tech2 software. Any mfg selling computer controlled cars in USA must make available to public the command codes and code keys of computer/s.
I'm still waiting and possibly the OP too about what you know about the GM code P2637. Your nonsense is just that, nonsense.

Why buy new? Thrift shops merge hunger for greenness and bargains  — Elgin Courier News
In numbers of stores, Goodwill also is the dominant player in Fox Valley thrift-selling. Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin owns and operates store donation centers at 260 Randall Road in South Elgin; 7777 Miller Road in Carpentersville; 140 S.

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