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Unlocking Swiss secrets  January 30, 2013 – 11:06 am
Document Sample scope of work template. Introduction To Intangible Assets By Secrecy is deeply embedded in Swiss political, bureaucratic and business culture. It’s of course not surprising that the world’s banking capital puts a premium on discretion and confidentiality. Switzerland is still a preferred location for companies and rich individuals around the world because it offers tax and other advantages, including political stability and a low level of transparency. Many journalists probing business, corruption, and even organized crime are bound to encounter either a Swiss bank account or a Swiss company in the course of their reporting. And getting information on them is not going to be easy.

But even in Switzerland, the walls of secrecy are slowly being breached. Banking secrecy there is no longer as ironclad as it used to be,  after the U.S. began aggressively forcing Swiss banks to open their records as part of an effort to collect taxes from American citizens stashing their wealth overseas. The Swiss government, too, is slowly opening up, enacting a federal freedom of information law in 2004 making it possible for citizens and journalists to get information that was previously unavailable. But huge problems remain, and Swiss journalists, a few of whom are attending this year’s Summer School of Investigative Reporting at Columbia’s Journalism School, can only dream about the transparency that the Swedes or Finns enjoy. The culture of secrecy, they say, forces journalists to lean more heavily on human sources and leaked documents.

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Right on sister

You have the right attitude..
As for the other stuff,
Somebody asked with great frustration why staffing firms advertise positions that “do not exist.”
In the industry these are called: “Static positions”: Static positions will most often appear on the firms corporate website or appear in a weekly ad.
These positions are usually in such great demand that a constant flow o...le asset of the firm and it continues to grow and should grow and be updated daily-NOT weekly-but daily. An empty database costs $1,7000..Fill it with just 200 people-just 200 people and its worth 35,000-60,000. on the name generation research market. A good staffing firm will have thousands of names that are NOT lost in the frey. The database is the ultimate cash out chip for the staffing firm.

Has been. Past tense.

Intel Named to 2008-09 Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for Tenth Straight Year
"Intel Corporation has been included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes for the tenth straight year, a recognition it has received every year since the Indexes were created."
"The DJSI reviews and highlights a company's economic, environmental and social performance, assessing issues ...code of conduct and stakeholder engagement."
"Launched in 1999, the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes are the first global indices tracking the financial performance of leading sustainability-driven companies worldwide."
"For more information on recent CSR awards and recognitions, please visit:"
"For more information on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, please visit:"

Significant amendments to the North Carolina Beer Franchise Law  — Lexology
The bill strengthens the definition of “brand” as pertains to beer, by codifying the definition that currently exists in the North Carolina Administrative Code, 4 NCAC 2T.0103, within the statutes of the Beer Franchise Law. The codification of this …

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