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Packaging – Relational Capital in action  March 27, 2011 – 02:41 pm
Full-size Of the three components of Intellectual Capital - Human, Structural and Relational – it is most difficult perhaps to understand the contribution and value of Relational Capital in real life. I decided therefore to focus this week on the one industry that contributes immensely, entirely and solely to the Relational Capital of its Customers. I am referring here to the multi-billion dollar packaging industry dominated by players such as Tetra Pak, Alcan Packaging, Crown Holdings, Alcoa, Amcor, Rexam, etc. 
The importance of packaging is critical to the successful selling of any product, especially in the Retail sector. New product launches especially benefit from an attractively designed package that clearly engraves the value of the product in the minds of the consumer. Initial sales of such products are driven by the attractiveness of the package (and also the price) while repeat sales depend on other product attributes such as quality, durability, reliability, satisfaction, etc. Next time you visit your local grocery store or a nearby shopping mall, try and find new product launches and then take a probing look at the packaging around the product. Compare that package to that of existing products in the same category and you will soon realize what I am talking about.

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