Organisational capital financial reporting

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Business and Finance (Top Up)  January 26, 2016 – 06:19 am
NYC Job Openings At Internet Start-up: Director of Finance and Executive

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Why Choose This Course?

The programme prepares students to plan, manage and analyse the financial and monetary aspects and performance of organisations. The course provides students with a variety of financial concepts. It provide graduates with the ability to work in many financial fields including investing, business, banking and insurance.

What Will You Study?

Year 3 comprises specialised finance modules such as financial data comprehension, investment skills to effectively communicate financial information to both internal and external customers.

Content summary

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Course Structure

A331BSS          Business Analysis (Dissertation)

This module builds on A332BUS “Business Research with the aim to provide students with an opportunity to apply and develop their secondary research skills and to extend their knowledge, understanding and critical faculties to a specialist area of interest.  The student will choose an academic area related to their programme of study, and apply their independent learning skills to research this area in some significant depth.

Source: Auston Institute of Management - Engineering, Computing and Management Courses

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I have been speaking only of oppression overseas, but it need hardly be emphasized that there is a domestic analogue. The reaction to the suffering of oppressed minorities at home is not very different from the brutal apathy towards the misery we have imposed elsewhere in the world. Opposition to the war in Vietnam is based very largely on its cost, and on the failure of American power to crush ... the proletariat paved the way not for a socialist society but for the most primitive type of bureaucratic state capitalism and a reversion to political absolutism which was long ago abolished in most countries by bourgeois revolutions."
12. Address at Princeton, N.J., August 10, 1953. Cited in John H. Bunzel, Anti-Politics in America (New York, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1967), p. 166.

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The bill strengthens the definition of “brand” as pertains to beer, by codifying the definition that currently exists in the North Carolina Administrative Code, 4 NCAC 2T.0103, within the statutes of the Beer Franchise Law. The codification of this …

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Intellectual Capital and Evaluation(Chinese Edition)
Book (Xinhua Publishing House Pub. Date :2010-06-01)
Wiley Profiting from Intellectual Capital: Extracting Value from Innovation (Intellectual Property-General, Law, Accounting & Finance, Management, Licensing, Special Topics)
Book (Wiley)
  • ISBN13: 9780471417477
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