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I think when we talk about literal meaning, we often privilege a particular type of seeing and a particular type of significance.  Often that literal meaning is produced by exploiting paradoxes and ambiguities (I’m thinking here of Empson).  This literal meaning is then usually developed through a varied series of rising and falling motions within a poem, that complicate the meaning, resulting in an epiphany or resistance to that epiphany (the speaker shuts down the discussion to hover on a particular lack or emptiness, I’m thinking here of perhaps Robert Hass’s “Psalm and Lament” which I find to be one of the finest poems I’ve ever read).  I’m not so foolish as to oversimplify that this literal meaning is something one could summarize into some gem of wisdom—a sentence, a paragraph perhaps.  But I will say that this type of literal meaning can be often be summed down to a feeling or contradiction which the author is struggling with or basking in or overwhelmed by.  The poem becomes a sort of invitation for the reader to experience this feeling by tracing the breadcrumbs of narrative and rhetoric through to their logical conclusion.

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12. Address at Princeton, N.J., August 10, 1953. Cited in John H. Bunzel, Anti-Politics in America (New York, Alfred A. Knopf, Inc., 1967), p. 166.

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