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Administrator Teacher Evaluation Training: Teachscape  November 26, 2012 – 08:02 pm
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Teachscape On-Line Professional Development Training Module.

The state of Michigan requires that all administrators are trained in Teacher Evaluations per the legislation that was passed in the summer of 2011.  With the support of the Superintendent,  I have been providing training to administrators on a monthly basis during the General Administrators meeting since September of 2011.  However, there is a need for additional intensive training in order to further enhance our system for implementing fair and consistent evaluations throughout the district.

As a result, we have purchased a subscription to use the Teachscape Framework for Teaching Proficiency System.  The system is a complete solution for observer training and assessment. Developed in partnership with ETS and Charlotte Danielson. The Framework for Teaching Proficiency System enables districts and states to promote high-quality observations by implementing rigorous training for all observers. All Dearborn  administrators  that have responsibility to complete teacher evaluations will go through this rigorous training process. The process involves over 26 hours of training plus a 4 hour final examination in order to achieve proficiency as measured by the Danielson evaluation model. Additional information on the Teachscape Training module can be found at the following site:

Source: Dr. Glenn Maleyko HR Blog Site and Publications

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The human performance evaluation process: A resource for reviewing the identification and resolution of human performance problems
Book (Brookhaven National Laboratory, Energy Sciences and Technology Dept)

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