How to sell relational capital?

The First Question I Ask Every Business Leader I Talk To  September 16, 2010 – 07:28 am

Why take a path to mediocrity when you can take a path to greatness?

I have been reflecting lately on how much of the coaching work I do with business leaders is about helping people climb the ladder to becoming CEO and achieving stellar levels of compensation. This is all well and good, but there is a discrepancy between this and the heart of Masterful Coaching, which is about helping leaders do something to make a difference in their worlds.

This point of view is expressed well in the title of my latest book: Your First Hundred Days, (and I would like to emphasis the subtitle) Powerful First Steps on the Path to Greatness. This isn’t just about getting to the top by climbing over a pile of bodies and winning. It is about taking responsibility for throbbing human needs and wants and making a contribution. I would challenge leaders who are reading this blog to expand yourselves to include this dimension. I believe this is what being successful in politics, business, education, and medicine is all about.

It’s my belief that every human being was born to be great…wants to be great…not average or mediocre. When people are not great, I see three reasons: 1) no one has ever encouraged them to find greatness in their lives; 2) they don’t know what greatness looks like for them or how to get there; or 3) they haven’t had enough of an experience of operating in a stratospheric place.

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Managing Human Resources
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