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What does it mean for the USPTO to select North Texas for a satellite office?  November 25, 2011 – 09:11 am
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By Jeremy Vickers, Director of Innovation

The United State Patent & Trademark Office recently selected the North Texas region to host one of its four satellite offices, with the other three going to Silicon Valley, Denver, and Detroit. What does this mean for North Texas?

This announcement comes at a time when our region is evaluating its future in technology, commercialization, research, and entrepreneurship. We ask ourselves ‘How do we become better? ’ constantly and the answer lies in this new office. Being selected will put North Texas on the map for yet another great reason, and it will impact our strong economy significantly.

The first questions we fielded after the announcement: Why did DFW get this? Why not Austin? The answer is both simple and complex. It lies in the culture of DFW, the strength of our law firms and Bar Association, DFW Airport and our diverse technology base. The reason we won may very well be the same reason we get frustrated for not being known as a worldwide leader in one industry: our strong, broad economy and ecosystem.

We may not be the leader in one industry or market, but we are strong in corporate innovation. Look at the example of Alcatel-Lucent’s Gravity Center and AT&T’s Foundry. Look at our growing startup community that showcases high potential entrepreneurs from all industries including gaming, enterprise software, telecom, mobile apps, pharmaceutical drug therapies and medical devices. Look at our growing research universities that are expanding their capabilities, increasing collaboration, and commercializing ideas. Look at the quantity and quality of our law firms, specifically those that focus on intellectual property. These pieces showcase the breadth of capability our region possesses, and we are now being recognized because of these qualities.

Source: Dallas Regional Chamber's Blog

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