Evaluation of relational capital

Five Critical Brand Loyalty Conclusions  October 22, 2016 – 05:41 pm

If you track back in time and watch closely how people interact with a particular brand identity, you’ll notice that they display similar behavioural traits in their relations with brands as they do in the way they engage with people. People’s interaction with brands is an emotional one, even if we don’t acknowledge it at the time.

Long before we had logos or corporate identities to Photoshop onto a digital strategy, people’s personalities were the representation of a brand. This still exists to a degree today, but only in small, localised areas. Think about quaint country villages where the local producers of fresh food, baked goods and meat have to build up a solid rapport with the town’s people; knowing full well that a few kilometres away the city beckons with a wide array of competitive, bulk produce.

The personal relationship built up with each person or family is indicative of their brand management and their brand identity becomes reliant on the interaction between producer and purchaser. The product is judged not only by its quality, but also by the personality and vivacity of the producer; the same mechanic in which brands are judged.

Using Human Interaction to Build Brand Identity

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Computer Systems Performance Modeling (Prentice-Hall series in advances in computing science & technology)
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