Definition of unidentifiable intangibles

Essay: Building Social Capital with Social Entrepreneurs, “Me” and “We” approaches  November 20, 2015 – 09:42 pm

This lit review (of sorts) was written as the final paper for a course on Urban Social Networks taught by Zak Neal in the Soc department at MSU (after this class, I asked Zak to join my dissertation committee and he agreed. Hooray!).

It teases out some of the ideas I’ve been trying to think through to relate this strange ambiguous concept of “social entrepreneurship” with social networks and social movements. Specifically, I ask how scholars of entrepreneurship versus scholars of social movements think about network capital, or  patterns of relationships. In the entrepreneurship context, social capital accrues to and benefits the individual. In the movement context, social capital accrues to and benefits the whole (even if sometimes the research methods focus on an individual organization as the unit of analysis).

What does this have to tell us about how networks of entrepreneurs who are interested in broad-scale social change (aka social entrepreneurs? ) might function?

This is particularly interesting in the context of some of the practical work I’ve been doing recently on worker-owned cooperatives and other cooperative ownership models, and all of the deep thinking happening in Detroit around the commons… what are forms of network capital or “social architecture” as Marjorie Kelly calls it, that will replace current modes of organizing and organizations?

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You may not know that Mugabe carried out some very severe austerity measures which are known to those who read, as “structural adjustments” of the IMF/World Bank mode, and that such measures have a historically proven track record of causing human suffering on a mass scale. But that can be wished away when you want very badly to defend capitalism as the highest human achievement.

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The bill strengthens the definition of “brand” as pertains to beer, by codifying the definition that currently exists in the North Carolina Administrative Code, 4 NCAC 2T.0103, within the statutes of the Beer Franchise Law. The codification of this …

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