Definition of Patently Obvious

Obvious as a Matter of Law  January 24, 2013 – 06:14 pm
Patently obvious

By Dennis Crouch  [UPDATED]

Soverain Softwarwe v. Newegg (Fed. Cir. 2013)

This Federal Circuit decision is fairly big news as far as its legal results. District Court Judge Davis rejected Newegg's obviousness argument on summary judgment – finding each of the asserted patent claims not invalid. On appeal, the Federal Circuit has completely reversed that holding and instead finds here that all of the asserted claims are invalid as obvious. The case also raises a novel argument for secondary indicia of nonobviousness.

The unanimous opinion is written by Judge Newman and joined by Judges Prost and Reyna.

The Federal Circuit panel's approach here follows the lead of KSR International Co., v. Teleflex, Inc., 550 U.S. 398 (2007). In that case, the Supreme Court was able to make the legal conclusion that the asserted claims were obvious because the factual underpinnings of obviousness were not in material dispute.

Where, as here, the content of the prior art, the scope of the patent claim, and the level of ordinary skill in the art are not in material dispute, and the obviousness of the claim is apparent in light of these factors, summary judgment is appropriate.

Source: Patent Law Blog (Patently-O)

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How Insidious and Bizarre can it get?

The Pharmaceutical Industry, one of the largest, richest and most influential, has become so powerful and dominating that its not only using our own government and public funding for its commercial purposes, but has been steadily taking its propaganda to extreme lengths. Now this:
They've already managed to get the FDA to, literally, legally proclaim drugs to be the ONLY "cures" possible, by definition. And now, along with the int'l "Codex Alimentarium" initiative, they're using the same propagandistic, Orwelian "Double Speak" to redefine vitamins and nutrition as "toxins" and "drugs" . . . so that they can control (patent, sell, etc.) use our very need to eat.
This is beyond ridiculous. Seriously beyond.

She wants to make money off her dead son

Mother of slain Florida teenager seeks trademarks
Reuters – 19 hrs ago
MIAMI (Reuters) - The mother of the Florida teenager shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer, in a case with racial overtones that has resonated across the United States, is seeking trademark rights to slogans based on his name.
Sybrina Fulton, the mother of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, filed the tr... shot Martin, who was unarmed, is still open to dispute. But his attorney has said he acted in self-defense.
Zimmerman has not been arrested. Florida's "Stand Your Ground" law, which broadened the legal definition of self-defense when it was passed in 2005, provides people with immunity from detention or arrest if they use deadly force in their own defense without clear evidence of malice.

But definition

"people who know what they're talking about" is not something that you have a patent on. Surprisingly, I believe he is totally hip to the things that are usually bantered about and just wants to toss things up.
I, for one, DO NOT like the usual boring stuff about pets that usually involve the same 1/2 dozen or so "know it alls" lecturing others.
Also, what is a troll to you is not ne... a troll to someone else.
My definition of a troll is someone who doesn't think for themselves and simply "parrots" all the same stuff about speuter and rescue, etc.....
Independent thinkers are the most valuable asset a message board has.
Unfortunately, the level of real nuance and intellectual curiosity is low on this board so power struggles seem to be the tender of the day.

Here maybe this will be of help

"in·tan·gi·ble /ɪnˈtændʒəbəl/ Pronunciation Key - Show Spelled Pronunciation[in-tan-juh-buhl] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation
1. not tangible; incapable of being perceived by the sense of touch, as incorporeal or immaterial things; impalpable."
"intangible asset
Something of value that cannot be physically touched, such as a brand, franchise, trademark, or patent. opposite of tangible asset. "
"tangible asset
Assets having a physical existence, such as cash, equipment, and real estate; accounts receivable are also usually considered tangible assets for accounting purposes. opposite of intangible asset. "

Risk vs. benefit

"But parents just want more answers and Guberding had very little to offer."
Gerberding said what she knew - that was two years ago, by the way.
"What is the gov doing? Parents should assume the risk of vaccines but the gov can take it's time informing the public."
Where are you getting your information? Have you looked at the CDC website ( The risks and benefits ...>no evidence of that association.
Andrew Wakefield, who originally suggested that MMR caused autism, was being paid by personal injury lawyers and had a patent on a monovalent measles vaccine. He stood to benefit financially if people believed that vaccines cause autism. He was found guilty of gross misconduct and lost his medical license.
No one has ever replicated his findings.

Recordati : Finalizes Its Acquisition of a Portfolio of Products in the USA  — MarketWatch
Other important drugs acquired are NeoProfen(R) (ibuprofen lysine injection) and Indocin(R) I.V. (indomethacin injection), indicated to close a clinically significant patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) in premature infants, and Cosmegen(R) (dactinomycin ...

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