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Your Domain Name MATTERS!  November 25, 2012 – 11:08 am

The other day, I was trolling through the mail logs making sure all was well when I noticed that my server could not deliver mail to one of my client’s alternate email addresses – let’s call it

Image showing location of domain name expiration date

I was immediately on alert because this indicates either a problem with’s mail server or domain name registration – and nine times out of ten, it is the latter. A bit of poking around with my tools indicated that indeed, had expired – and that it had also been grabbed by third-party reseller who had no intention of playing nicely with the original owner of I notified my client that his organization had a problem that we needed to work to resolve right away – and like many of the clients I serve, he was shocked to learn that his organization did not actually OWN the name and that it was perfectly legal for another organization to buy it out from under them when it expired.

I have made a career out of rescuing domain names from these kinds of problems. Because I don’t provide services to ABC, I discovered the problem a day too late and after their email stopped working – which is the number one way my clients tend to discover that THEY have a problem with their domain name. I have taken many a panicky phone call over the years from people whose website and email have suddenly stopped working. They call me because I have a reputation for technical problem solving – I have been in this business a very long time and am hip to all the tools and tricks needed to unwind these kinds of messes. When I put on my white hat and ride in, I generally see the same set of issues over and over again. This article addresses some of the common problems I see and offers steps and advice about what to do so that you are not my next panicky phone call!

Source: Plato Wynne Consulting

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But a participatory economy enjoys advantages in managing this trade off compared to capitalism. Most importantly, direct recognition of 'social serviceability' is a more powerful incentive to innovation in a participatory economy, which reduces the magnitude of the trade off since more innovation will occur in a participatory economy than in capitalism for the same speed of adjustments. Secondl... Economy. Forthcoming.
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