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Innovation through Functionality: The Quest for Sustainable Growth  March 5, 2017 – 09:46 pm
Intellectual Capital: The new

Many organizations achieve growth in many different ways. The ones that do not grow eventually go out of business, fade into irrelevance, or slowly bleed to death. 
n an aggressive market, growth is often achieved by LBOs, mergers and acquisitions and hostile takeovers. However, history has been less than kind to these kinds of strategies. 

When HP bought Compaq in the early 90s, we did not see any real innovation emanate from that purchase. They did however incorporate the Proliant server line in the HP product line.  We did see some whistle blowing however indicative of greater problems. Innovation.
The problem with LBOs and other similar strategies is that unless companies are buying intellectual capital along with the underlying technology, there is no guarantee they won’t be left holding the proverbial empty bag. 
One company that has at their core innovation in purchasing, is Cisco.
When Cisco buys a company, they also bring some of the minds that created the technology as well. A lesson that many companies would do well to emulate. This is not to say that Cisco has not made some purchasing faux pas as well.
The companies that have been at the forefront of market sustainability are few. The first one that comes to mind is Apple Computer. As arrogant as they appear to some industry pundits, Apple is, at its core, an innovative giant. Steve Jobs may be the frontman and the face of Apple Computer, but make no mistake, there are incredible creative minds wandering the halls of Apple Computer in Cupertino. I know. I was there.

Source: Mark Hernandez - Writings

Bethesda Fallout 3
Video Games (Bethesda)
  • Fight for survival against terrors of the outside world, radiation, and mutants after nuclear fallout
  • Latest in human ability simulation affords unlimited customization of characters
  • Expansive world in modern super-deluxe HD graphics
  • Features ability to pause time in combat, target specific body parts, and queue up attacks
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The modern advocacy business

"PhRMA does plenty of that, budgeting $5 million for a bipartisan battalion of some of the biggest lobbying talent around. But the modern lobbying arsenal also features a host of hall-of-mirrors techniques by which special interests amplify their arguments through seemingly unconnected third parties. PhRMA plans to spend $1 million for an "intellectual echo chamber of economists -- a standing ne... and articles by third parties" and at least $2 million for outside research and policy groups "to build intellectual capital and generate a higher volume of messages from credible sources" backing industry positions. Overall, the group will devote $12.3 million to "alliance development," forging bonds with -- some might say buying off -- economists, doctors, patients and minority groups."

Globalization with Reason

Governing Globalisation
An interview with George Monbiot, by Caspar Henderson of openDemocracy
George Monbiot, the leading environmental activist and writer, has been involved in many global campaigns of resistance to corporate and state power. But what positive social and political vision animates his work? Where does it contrast with that of globalisation’s advocates like Maria
Copyright © openDemocracy, 2001. Permission is granted to reproduce articles for personal and educational use only. Commercial copying, hiring and lending is prohibited without permission. If this has been sent to you by a friend and you like it, you are welcome to join the openDemocracy network.
This interview took place on 16 November, 2001, in Oxford, England.

In Defense...continued

But a participatory economy enjoys advantages in managing this trade off compared to capitalism. Most importantly, direct recognition of 'social serviceability' is a more powerful incentive to innovation in a participatory economy, which reduces the magnitude of the trade off since more innovation will occur in a participatory economy than in capitalism for the same speed of adjustments. Secondl... Economy. Forthcoming.
Levy, David. 1991. Book Review: Seeking a Third Way. Dollars and Sense 171 November 1991: 18-20.
Pramas, Jason. 1991. A Roundtable on Participatory Economics. Z Magazine July/August 1991: 73-74.
Weisskopf, Thomas. 1992. Toward a Socialism for the Future in the Wake of the Demise of the Socialism of the Past. Review of Radical Political Economics 24 (3&4).

Anti Globalization Folk

What Are We For?
By Michael Albert
Anti-globalization activists understand that sympathetic and mutually beneficial global ties are good. But we want social and global ties to advance universal equity, solidarity, diversity, and self-management, not to subjugate ever-wider populations to an elite minority. We want to globalize equity not poverty, solidarity not anti-sociality, divers...s and their dynamics. We need domestic and international economic vision that everyone can understand and refine and make their own. We need it to generate hope, to provide inspiration, to reveal what is possible and valuable, and to orient and also democratize our strategies so that they might take us where we desire rather than in circles or even toward something worse than what we now endure.

Quotations from the Freedom Crowd

'I never intend to adjust myself to the madness of militarism.'
- Martin Luther King Jr.
'However sugarcoated and ambiguous, every form of authoritarianism must start with a belief in some group's greater right to power, whether that right is justified by sex, race, class, religion, or all four. However far it may expand, the progression inevitably rests on unequal power and airtight...iners, the weavers, the chemists, the carvers, the dyers, the designers, the machinists, where were the hands, the people who made? Out of sight, somewhere else. Behind walls. All the people in all the shops were either buyers or sellers. They had no relation to the things but that of possessions. How was he to know what a goods’ production entailed? How could they expect him to decide if he wan

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Each train car (called a "gallery" in industry speak) costs $650000 to rehabilitate and update, a marked cost savings compared to the price of buying brand new cars, according to Metra CEO Alex Clifford. He said those can cost as much as $3 million.

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What Are the Costs Associated with Lean Six Sigma?
What Are the Costs Associated with Lean Six Sigma?
Wiley The Power of Gold: The History of an Obsession
Book (Wiley)
Bethesda Fallout 3: Exclusive Survival Edition
Video Games (Bethesda)
  • Includes a life-size replica of the Pip-Boy 3
  • The Pip-Boy 3 has been painstakingly recreated and modified for real world display as a digital clock
  • Include all of the items from the Fallout 3 Collector s Edition including the Fallout 3 game

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