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Total Beverage Solution CEO on the Nectar Ales acquisition  October 14, 2017 – 03:58 am

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(Mt. Pleasant, SC) – BeerPulse caught up with Total Beverage Solution CEO, Dave Pardus, on Monday after the company’s just-announced acquisition of the Nectar Ales brand family from Firestone Walker Brewing.

Twice during the call, Pardus noted that they were still “trying to get their arms around [the purchase].”

Word traveled fast. The two companies just inked the deal on Thursday night with First Beverage Financial aiding in the process. Less than 24 hours later, news leaked out on the internet. On Monday, Pardus was on his way to Paso Robles to meet with the Firestone Walker team.

Nectar Ales production will remain at Firestone Walker. Pardus says that TBS signed a contract for the company to continue brewing the brand in Paso Robles for the near-future. To get a sense of size, production came just short of 10, 000 barrels last year.

“It’s a nice size for us from the standpoint that it’s a modest add-on and it doesn’t totally change the dynamic of the company.”

Acknowledging that Nectar Ales is largely a West Coast brand, he shared that the South Carolina-based TBS does have East Coast aspirations for it.

Source: BeerPulse

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